Parking Citation Appeal

One of the responsibilities of the Student Court is to help assist students with their parking citations. The Student Court has the authority to reduce or waive the fees associated with their parking citations under certain circumstances. The Chief Justice, along with the Associate Justices, will review each case and determine if the case has grounds for appeal. While students are encouraged to appeal their parking tickets, appealing a citation does not guarantee it will be waived or reduced.

If a financial hold has been placed on your account, and you are currently in the middle of an appeal process, it is encouraged that you pay the fine. Upon deciding whether or not your citation has been waived or reduced, you will be reimbursed the proper amount.

Citations appealed beyond the 10-day limit from the date of issue will not be considered.


Non-Valid Reasons for Appeal

  • I did not know the parking rules
  • I never received the citation
  • I was parked there for a few minutes
  • My designated lot was full
  • I was late for class
  • Someone else was driving my car
  • Vehicles around me did not receive citations

Valid Reasons for Appeal

  • The accuracy of the extenuating factors and information presented
  • Consideration of unusual circumstances

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