Welcome! We are excited about new changes and looking forward to supporting you and your new organization.

Listed below is what you will need to become a Recognized Student Organization on the Daytona Beach Campus:

  1. You must have a minimum of six (6) members who are currently enrolled students of the ERAU Daytona Beach Campus. Of these two members, one must be serving as the President of the organization and one must be serving as the Treasurer.
  2. A mission or purpose that is not contradictory to the mission and values of ERAU (linked here).
  3. A mission or purpose that does not duplicate any other student organization already registered at ERAU. A list of existing organizations can be found here.
  4. A set of bylaws that will serve as the governing documents for your organization (a template is attached here).
  5. An on-campus, full time, faculty or staff member as an advisor, with a completed Advisor Agreement Form.
  6. Once you have all of this ready, you can submit your application here (please note: the president should be the one filling out this application)!

If you have questions regarding the registration information, please feel free to contact our Student Organizations Coordinator,

Brandon Collins
Email: collib17@erau.edu


Ready to Register?