Event Policies

Prohibited Events

There are a number of events or event types that are not supported by the university or its facilities. Please check to make sure your event does not break any of these policies by reading the Student Event Planning Policy Guide section on Prohibited Events.

Event Logistics

Planning an event is a process that involves multiple moving parts. Event logistics range from having the location of your event booked to getting your advertisements approved to post on campus. Luckily we have an Event Logistics Checklist here to better help you manage all of them.

Approvals and Guidelines

There are various different types of guidelines that your event must follow in order to be approved so that it can run smoothly. Depending on the size of your event some may or may not apply. Please check the Event Approvals and Guidelines document for more information.

Gaining Support from Touch-N-Go Productions

Touch-N-Go Productions is the Student Government Association's student-run programming board. They bring and set up various different types of events on campus. They also support RSOs by co-sponsoring events. This can include everything from setting up cable path to setting up large shows that include staging and lighting. They do have their own policies so keep that in mind. To find out more about their policies and what they offer to RSOs, read their Co-Sponsorship page on their website.