Student Engagement & Student Union


Our mission is to facilitate learning and build a community.

Student Engagement & Student Union (SESU) offers a wide range of programs to support a rich and meaningful campus life. This is accomplished through:

An active network of student-run organizations and student-led initiatives.

The growth of leadership skills and civic engagement.

Socially enriching activities and opportunities.

Experiences that enable appreciation of a diverse world.

Supporting academic success.

How does SESU support students?

In all these ways, our department supports students to make a difference for themselves and others.​

Campus Activities

You get to choose what experience fits you best. ​Our campus hosts a range of events large and small each week. You will always have a lot of options!

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Civic Engagement

Making a positive difference has never been more important! Connect with volunteer opportunities around campus and in the local community through our Volunteer Network.

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Fraternity & Sorority Life

We support values-based fraternity and sorority organizations that promote good scholarship, positive campus engagement, and philanthropic service on the local and national level.

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The leadership programming offered by our department can help refine your skills, preparing you for leadership roles on campus and beyond.

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Orientation helps provide you with a chance to connect with other students while learning about opportunities and services in and out of the classroom.

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Student Government

The Student Government Association​ is the campus' governing body of student leaders  in various branches and divisions, representing and advocating for all students.​

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Student Organizations

We have over 210 registered student organizations. By getting involved, you can learn new skills, try new hobbies, put new knowledge to the test, and have fun!​​

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Student Union

The Mori Hosseini Student Union is run by the Union Operations Office. It serves as a place to connect and engage. Inspired by alumni, this hub creates a place to study, relax, and refuel.

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Our Team

Sean Murphy
Assistant Director for Leadership & Civic Engagement
Kristen Rosati
Audra Dipierro
Melissa Hanson
Jennifer Thomas
Office Manager
Ronnie Mack
Assistant Director for Orientation and Communications
Deb Padgett
Assistant Director for Fraternity & Sorority Life
Karin Gollin
Executive Director
Amy Vaughan Deahl
Director of Student Union Operations and Events
Christie Miller
Assistant Director for Career Readiness
Leslie Werchan
Finance Manager
Eric Watkins
Student Marketing & Events Specialist
Negar Afshar-Pflueger
Assistant Director for Student Organizations
Jessica Murphy
Director of Student Leadership and Engagement



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