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Receive information on scholarships, fellowships, and other types of awards as well as assistance applying for them!

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Our Mission

Established in 2019, the Office of Prestigious Awards and Fellowships supports ERAU students and alumni as they apply for external fellowships, scholarships, and awards. These awards offer enriching and life-changing opportunities. We educate and inform the ERAU community about opportunities and guide interested community members through the application process. Our goal is to support the ERAU community throughout their time as students and beyond, helping them develop as strong candidates for fellowships and awards. We serve all ERAU undergraduate, graduate, and professional students, and ERAU alumni.

We provide holistic advising and support for awards which require ERAU endorsement. We also advise and support applications to a curated group of awards which do not require ERAU endorsement. These priority awards are those we believe meet the needs of the diverse student and alumni populations at ERAU. Click HERE for more useful information.

Working with Our Office

What do we do? We have two main roles. First, we get to know you and learn about your current accomplishments and future goals to help you find life-changing opportunities. Then, we guide you through the application process for those opportunities so that you submit applications you're confident in to maximize your success.

Here are some of the things we do:

  • Share what opportunities are available through information sessions, presentations in classrooms and at student organization meetings, on social media, and in our newsletter.
  • One-on-one meetings in-person or virtually.
  • Provide step-by-step guidance through the application process from identifying the opportunity to hitting submit on your application.
  • Workshops and events to help you develop your essays and other application materials.
  • Conduct mock interview sessions to help you prepare for interviews.
  • Offer resources to help with building relationships with mentors and obtaining strong recommendation letters.

Types of Funding

Applicant Resources

Members will receive direct communication from the Office about opportunities and upcoming events. Click any topic below to find out more! Still have questions? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Recommendation Letters

Tips, tricks, and helpful advice regarding your rec letter for both students and faculty!

Essay Writing & Personal Statements

Helpful input about how to better your essay when applying for an award!

Key Tips

Advice and tips to submit your best application!

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Our Team

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Emily Burrus

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