Frequently Asked Questions

  • I don't have a very high GPA, should I even bother applying?

    Absolutely! Most awards do not have require a specific GPA (grade point average). Reviewers are focusing on what you've done and what you have the potential to do, not your grades in specific courses. While having a high GPA can open doors, your GPA is never the only (or even the most important) factor taken into consideration.

  • I'm a flight student and I need scholarships. Which of these can I apply for?

    It depends on what you're looking for funding to support. If it's to help pay for flight training, we recommend consulting the FAA's list of aviation scholarships, many of which can be used for flight training. If you're interested in expanding your horizons through global learning, conducting research, going to graduate school, or careers in leadership or public service, there are many other opportunities out there and we'd love to discuss them with you.

  • What do external fellowships provide?

    Depends on the fellowship! They can provide funding for coursework, research, intensive language study, or teaching assistantships abroad. Some even provide funding for graduate school either in the US or in other countries around the world.

  • Aren't these scholarships only for those with financial need?

    Many of the fellowships and scholarships we help students apply for do not take financial need into consideration. Instead, they're about merit, recognizing and rewarding students for their interests, career goals, and future aspirations. You should still apply even if you don't need the money. Why? The application process will help you clarify your goals and, if you win, you'll receive recognition for your hard work.

  • Can I get feedback on my application?

    Yes! Please contact our office to set up a time where we can meet in-person or virtually to review your application. Email us at and we'll be happy to help.

  • I am not a US citizen. Are there any fellowships for me?

    Yes. There are many opportunities for international students. We recommend consulting the fellowships lists maintained by Vassar College to get you started.

  • I applied before and was not selected. Should I apply again?

    If you're still interested in and eligible for the opportunity, absolutely! This is especially true if the award fits clearly into your vision for your future. We're happy to help you think about reapplying and how to highlight what's changed in your life since your previous application.

  • I don't know if I want to go to graduate school. Does it make sense for me to think about fellowships?

    Yes. Many fellowship opportunities provide beneficial experiences like internships and funding specifically for your undergraduate degree. Additionally, some fellowships offer post-graduate service or professional experiences with no expectation that you are necessarily going on to graduate school.

  • When should I apply?

    There are opportunities available throughout your time at Embry-Riddle, whether you're a first-year undergraduate, a third-year PhD student, or about to graduate. Browse through the opportunities on our website to see what the deadlines are for the awards you're interested in. Then, work backwards from the deadline, giving yourself at least a month to prepare your application package.

  • Can I still get support from Embry-Riddle for fellowship applications after I've graduated?

    Absolutely! Several awards require applicants to have completed their bachelor's degree before receiving the award. We are happy to help you apply for anything you're eligible to go for!

  • Why should I schedule an appointment with the Office of Prestigious Awards & Fellowships?

    There are several reasons. First, we will be able to recommend additional opportunities once we've learned more about your goals and interests. Second, working with our office will strengthen your applications for competitive scholarships. Third, some fellowships require a letter of support or only Embry-Riddle to nominate a limited number of applicants.

  • How do I schedule an appointment to meet with the Office of Prestigious Awards and Fellowships?

    You can schedule an appointment here. Meetings are held both virtually and in person.

  • Is my first or second year too early to start thinking about these opportunities?

    .Absolutely not! Here are some things you can be doing now to make yourself especially competitive:

    • Be aware of application timelines and deadlines for programs that are of interest to you.
    • Get involved in clubs and organizations that align with your interests and future career goals.
    • Build your transcript. Take courses that challenge you and align with your future career goals. Do as well as you can in those courses.
    • Build relationships with mentors who can provide guidance, and eventually, write a letter of recommendation on your behalf.
    • Seek out experiential learning opportunities like research, study abroad, internships, service learning, leadership development, etc.