Experimental Bio-engineering and Fluids Research Club


About Us

The purpose of the club is to experimentally investigate the biofluids and fluid mechanics in the engineering domain. The club will investigate the hemodynamic and other flow field responses and discern its complex behavior using the principles of engineering domain. The research done in the club will provide students with hands-on experience with enrichment of real-life application of topics covered in their engineering curriculum. Our club seeks to directly supplement courses such as EGR115, ES 204, ES305, ES309, and ME 442 along with similar courses in which the club will provide students the ability to explore topics that are in-line with the learning objectives of these respective courses. The students can freely choose fluid related topics of their interest and the club will aid in providing students with a platform where they can research the innerworkings of fluids, as well as showcase their results in technical papers and network with professionals and companies who are well versed in the field of bioengineering and fluid mechanics. Our ultimate objective is to ignite a passion for fluids and encourage the next generation of engineers and scientists to research and develop advancements to this exciting and rapidly growing field.









Member Benefits

Our aim is to engage students in a range of interdisciplinary projects with a bio-medical focus. Since projects are fully produced by students, participants can work together while continuing to explore their own personal interests. Regardless of major, background, or prior experience, all students are welcomed and encouraged to get involved.


Experimental Bioengineering and Fluids Research Club

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