Our Goal

SWE at Embry-Riddle reaches out to K-12 schools in Volusia County to show students, both male and female, all the possibilities in engineering. We work with teachers to create experiments that tie into what they are doing in the classroom and relate it to an engineering discipline.

We come to your schools!

We work with teachers to provide a unique, informative and interactive lesson that allows students to participate in an engaging setting.

In Class Activities

From Lava Lamps, Baking Soda Pop!, and event a Pen Pal Letter Program, we work to connect with students and teachers to better support the community.

If you are a teacher or parent interested in working with us to bring these activities to your school, contact us via email and we will collaborate with you!


This free event allows high school students to interact with STEM students on campus to learn about STEM disciplines. Organizations such as OBAP, NSBE, SHPE, Astronomy, Robotic, STEM Outreach and more have participated in this collaboration effort to illustrate how amazing the STEM fields are.