Connecting Members to Graduate Resources and Community

The GradSWE Committee facilitates an inclusive, cross-disciplinary graduate community by providing valuable programming, resources, networking, mentoring, and social events geared toward graduate students and upperclassmen considering graduate studies.


Connect with the Society GradSWE

Engage with the Society GradSWE social media, join the Slack workspace, and stay updated with leadership opportunities, events, and resources.

ERAU SWE, Our Campus, and Our Community

Learn more about SWE, the ERAU campus, and the community. This resource discusses housing and dining options as well as how you can get involved with SWE at both the section and Society levels.

Applying to Graduate School at Embry-Riddle vs. Other Popular Institutions.

Learn about the application process at Embry-Riddle and a few other popular institutions as well as get a feel for the application materials you will need to prepare as you think about applying for graduate school.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is GradSWE?
A: GradSWE is a division of our section that focuses on engaging our graduate members and providing them resources.

Q: Is it free to join GradSWE?
A: Yes! It is completely free to join GradSWE.

Q: I'm not a graduate student, am I still welcome to participate in GradSWE events?
A: Yes! GradSWE events are geared toward graduate students as well as upperclassmen who are interested in graduate school.

Q: How can I get involved in GradSWE planning and leadership?
A: GradSWE Committee meetings are open to everyone and can be joined in-person or online through our section's Discord server. If you are interested in joining the committee, please contact our GradSWE Chair, Samantha, at

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