PLEASE NOTE: We are currently offering in-person programs, some of which will be livestreamed so that families and others can watch virtually. The Zoom platform will be used for all digital programs. Refer to schedule for more information.

New Student Orientation

Welcome New Students & Families

We want you to have a smooth and successful transition to Embry-Riddle! The Orientation website provides a one-stop place to find information about New Student Orientation.  There are pages with schedules, videos, and information on  a range of departments and programs that serve students. You can review them before you arrive on campus and at any other time. You'll be able to learn about opportunities and services both in and out of the classroom, so you can make a strong start on your journey here at the Daytona Beach campus.


New   For a smooth arrival on campus, make sure to pre-order your EAGLECard! You can order your card here.

Fall 2023 - Check-In & Move-In

Select a check-in time for Student Check-in and Move-in. To select a time please choose the date you would like to check in and then find a time. Please make sure to use your ERAU login in order to register.

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Check the Orientation Schedule

Students will learn about the community and the resources available, and get a chance to meet both new and continuing students at Embry-Riddle. See the schedule page for a snapshot of events and activities!

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Watch Program Briefings

New Flight and Aeronautical Science students are required to attend the Flight/Aeronautical Science Program Briefing during Orientation. If you miss the briefing, you can find the recordings here. For other student majors, we have other program briefings here as well.

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Explore Campus Life

We have so many opportunities for you to make connections, find support, and have fun on our campus! The videos on this page give you a sense of the various campus departments and what they have to offer.

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See Student Orientation Resources

Find additional information such as local hotels, a move-in guide, and ERNIE access.

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Watch the Orientation & Housing Overview

Listen to key information regarding the move-in process and Fall New Student Orientation.

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Contact Us

Do you have additional questions related to New Student Orientation? We're more than happy to help any way we can. You can reach us below for any questions or concerns you may have.


Office of New Student Orientation
1 Aerospace Boulevard
Daytona Beach, FL 32114

Phone: 386-226-6039

P: (386) 226-6045

New Student Orientation

1 Aerospace Blvd
Daytona Beach, FL, 32114