Student Resources

Tips on how to develop each competency

Career & Self Development

Career Preparation Video

Career Preparation Activities on Campus

Career Services  help with resumes,  interviews, and  internship/co-op.  Career Services Video

Handshake  a career management system,  allows you to take charge of your job search.


Collaboration Video

Collaboration Activities on Campus

Athletics or Intramural Sports  Join a team and learn how to collaborate with your teammates to win on and off the field.

Join a Club/Organization and learn how to work with others to plan activities and events.


Communication Video

Communication Activities on Campus

The Writing Center  in the Academic Advancement Center can improve writing skills.

Toastmasters can help you gain confidence in public speaking.

Critical Thinking

Critical Thinking Video

Critical Thinking Activities on Campus

Get involved with Undergraduate Research to develop your skills in research, inquiry, innovation, information analysis.

Join  Project Based Learning in clubs and organizations.


Technology  Video

Technology Activities on Campus

Visit the Digital Studio, a one-on-one tutoring space,  to develop digital technology skills.

Equity & Inclusion

Equity & Inclusion Video

Equity & Inclusion Activities on Campus

Study Abroad and learn what other cultures are like by becoming a part of the culture.

Explore cultural clubs and organizations on campus

Visit the Center for Faith and Spirituality and learn about other religions.


Leadership Video

Leadership Activities on Campus

Get involved with the Student Government Association (SGA)


Be a mentor with the  Peers Elevate @ Embry-Riddle (PEER) Program


Professionalism Video

Professionalism Activities on Campus

Get a job on campus with Student Employment

Visit Career Services to learn more about jobs, internships, co-ops, and professionalism.

Engage with alumni through the Alumni Association