Eagle Elevate

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What is Eagle Elevate

Eagle Elevate provides the opportunity for students to develop and document the career readine​ss competencies that employers seek in addition to technical skills. By earning digital badges in the competencies, Embry-Riddle students can stand out when applying for internships or jobs.

Why Eagle Elevate?

Having a high GPA upon graduation is a great accomplishment, yet employers also seek  career readiness competencies.  See the competencies below.

Eagle Elevate helps Embry-Riddle students acquire these skills and document through digital badges that can be shared on LinkedIn, Handshake, and social media.

How to Participate?

Get involved in clubs & organizations, on-campus employment, residential programs, industry/employer events, internships/co-ops, study abroad, research, service projects, academic coursework etc.

Earn digital badges to get recognition for the things you do and have already done at Embry-Riddle. Badges are available through Canvas.

Email Erin Minta to start earning badges now.

What are the competencies?

Employers are looking to hire people with the following eight competencies. While you are at Embry-Riddle, you can spend some time developing these competencies.

Career/Self Dev.

Are you prepared to find a great job?


Do you know how to work with others on a team?


Do you know how to communicate your ideas clearly?

Critical Thinking

Can you make decisions & solve problems?


Can you use appropriate technology to complete tasks?

Equity & Inclusion

Do you equitably engage with people from different local and global cultures?


Can you motivate and develop others?


Do you have effective work habits?