Leading and Serving in Challenging Times

What have we learned that is helping us now?

Below you will find videos from community members on how previous experiences have prepared them for the present situation.

Let us learn from our experiences, insights, follies, and achievements.


Mark Friend of our COA reflects on what he learned from studying the 9/11 attacks and how those lessons can help us with the COVID-19 pandemic today:

Coach Steve Ridder shares what he learned from a family tragedy:

Sean Murphy of Student Engagement & Student Union reflects on what he learned about the sustaining power of human relationships during his first long voyage in the Navy:

Anne Marie Casey of our Hunt Library reflects on what she learned about servant leadership after the death of her mother:

Here Prof. Tim Wilson of our COE shares two readings that have proved to be important for him:

Prof. Diane Zorri of COAS reflects on what she learned from family deployment, 9/11, and recurrences of cancer:


Prof. Tina Frederick of COAS discusses the idea of "freedom of being" expressed by Viktor Frankl, a psychiatrist and Holocaust survivor.


We will add other videos as they become available. Thank you.