Fashion and Aviation

Research in the Fashion and Aviation program offers wide selection of research topics for students and faculty, while connecting them with the industry leaders and preparing students for their future careers.

What does the Fashion and Aviation research group do?

We look at numerous areas within both fields with the goal to connect them better and learn about aviation's impact on fashion and vice versa. Topics of research include the history of aviation apparel (bomber jackets, flight attendant uniforms), passenger fashion, and designer shops that gain high profits at airports all over the world. Even the latest impact of COVID-19 has created significant changes in clothing for passengers and crew. We still have more to research!

Want to get involved?

We are looking for students and faculty who would like to participate in the research and help prepare the symposium for the fall semester (long and short presentations, poster presentations, or attendance).

Contact: Dr. David Keck at

We would love to have you on our team!

Introduction to Fashion and Aviation

Watch our introductory video!



Introduction to the essentials

Mentorship of faculty and other students

Small group meetings

One-on-one conversations



You do not need previous experience

Improve presentation skills

Network with faculty and professionals

Find new interests

Learn how to conduct research

Become a leader

Prepare for your career



Research and learn about various fields of F&A

Participate in Fall Symposium

Develop communication with both faculty and professionals in the F&A industry

Listen to experts in the field and learn from their experiences