Take Time for Yourself

Giving yourself the proper time to reflect on what you have accomplished and the things you have learned is very crucial to being successful in the future. Dealing with rejection and responding to success can seriously impact your experience with awards in the long-run. The following tips are beneficial ways to keep yourself checked in to any emotions the application process before, during, and after may bring to you.

1. The bigger picture

Once your semester is over it is a great time to reflect on all the things accomplished. What did you do? What did you learn? What are some of the little details which might be hard to remember later? Write all of these down now, while they're fresh on your mind. It'll come in handy later when you're trying to remember details as you write personal statements or prepare for job interviews.

2. Dealing with rejection

Rejection is hard. We want others to recognize our hard work, see our potential, and to invest in us so it's disappointing when that doesn't happen. So, what do you do if you aren't selected? It's up to you how to respond. One option is to ask for feedback so you can identify areas where you can improve. Another is to talk to your mentors and advisors about other opportunities you might pursue. With luck, the next time you'll be celebrating your success.

In life, we often get told no more than we get told yes. It's frustrating and can make you want to give up or change course. But, when you know what you want to do, you have to go after things even when they're hard. Think about what you can do to push past the difficulties and step outside of your comfort zone. Keep doing this enough and it will become a part of who you are. Once it does, you'll be able to do anything.

3. Don't be your own worst enemy

We've all made mistakes. One of the key features of resilient people is that they don't let adversity and past mistakes define them. Start by reflecting on what you've done, paying attention to your successes. Try to let go of guilt, anger, or regret about things you wish had gone differently. Instead, think about how you can reframe those situations and use them as a learning experience. Reflecting on your past helps you strengthen your inner self and face the challenges which lie ahead.

Often the news we receive regarding awards is disappointing because you find out you didn't win. It's okay to be disappointed as long as you spring back from that disappointment and use what you learned in the application process to come back even stronger. The goal is to turn this year's disappointment into next year's success.

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