Staying Organized

Juggling multiple deadlines and the different requirements can be difficult. You must write essays, obtain transcripts and recommendation letters, and ensure everything is uploaded before the deadline. Getting organized early on will save you time and effort later, making the entire process easier for you.

1. Create a central document for all materials

This document is where you keep track of all of your applications (deadlines, documents required, steps to apply) and your progress. You'll also want to keep track of your recommendation letter needs, requests, and whether they've been submitted. This type of organization helps you make your own timeline and work at a pace suitable for you to complete each necessary task.

2. Work backwards from the deadline

You want at least 3-4 weeks between your first draft and the application deadline. That will give you time to get feedback from the office, your mentors, and others. Waiting until the last minute makes it difficult to put forward your best application.

3. Develop a calendar

Once you've decided on what opportunities you want to apply for, you'll need to stay organized to ensure you gather the required materials (resume, recommendation letters, transcripts, etc.) and complete all the application components (essays, background information, etc.).

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