Unmanned Aircraft Systems Technology

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About Us

This organization has been developed to forward the advancement of Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) and their technologies from a design, development, and operations perspective. The goal of this organization is to capture state of the art ideas and incorporate student-led initiatives that may lead to the advancement of both practical and theoretical applications in this industry. we want to increase awareness of UAS and showcase the incredible capabilities of these systems in an array of applications. Students will be exposed to unique opportunities within the field of UAS that will define a clear conceptual understanding of new technologies and trends in this emergent field. This organization promotes teamwork and leadership qualities with the opportunity to participate in cutting-edge research and applications within industry. This organization will provide you with the necessary knowledge, skills and abilities to excel in the exciting field of UAS. The UAS organization is led by the Aeronautical Science Department and requires each student to be an United States citizen, pursuant to current rules and regulations pertaining to UAS.









Events & Activities

- Part 107 Operations
- General Meetings at 5:30PM COAS 202 Starting September 29th                                          - Visit us at the Activities Fair September 21st and 22nd for club details

Exclusive Resources

The UAS Technology club provides access to a growing number of aircraft and resources in order to help you gain knowledge and experience in the  UAS field.


The UAS Technology club prioritizes real-world experience in a hands-on environment. We conduct real 107 operations both on-campus and off-campus.