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Fridays from 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm on Zoom!

The American Sign Language Club is a Deaf culture based student organization that encourages values and interactions to and from the Deaf community – in addition to teaching American Sign Language.

Even though the organization usually begins with members of varying knowledge of the culture and/or language, the club strives to build everyone a strong foundation of the language and history. Once basic communication skills are taught/acquired within the club, the club schedules outings and events for everyone to enjoy. Such events include:

-Silent dinners (dinners where anyone interested goes to a local restaurant to eat and bond with each other – speaking is discouraged within the participants)

-Silent movies (the club tries to attend completely signed and silent movies that are screened throughout the city)

-Signed performances (events that usually incorporate music, either played or sung, in which the club is asked to sign along with the music), trips (club sponsored trips to local Deaf schools in order to interact with the Deaf community), and guest speakers (the club every now and then invites people to either teach a certain lesson or to talk about their life as hard-of-hearing/deaf people).

Overall, the club not only teaches the language and culture, but also hosts/cosponsors/interacts with other clubs and schools in order to spread awareness about the Deaf community and bring in recognition to the organization and school.









Members Benefits

By being a member you are able to:

-Make a lot of new friends using a completely different language!

-Help spread awareness about Deafness and Deaf Culture

-Learn about the history and oppression deaf people have faced

Fun events members can be a part of:

-Silent Dinners

-ASL Movie Nights

-Sign Performances

Our Team

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Harley Valdez

Student Treasury Board Member
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Lori Mumpower



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