Martial Arts Club

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About Us

We are a group of spirited individuals that are always wanting to expand their knowledge of different disciplines of martial arts. We work with all of our members to achieve their goals in Jiu-Jitsu, Boxing, Taekwondo, MMA, and Shaolin Kenpo. We accept all people regardless of experience in all of the disciplines. We maintain an up-beat and healthy atmosphere within the club by being respectful and open to newcomers! Come check us out!

Members Benefits

Being a member of this club grants you access to all instructions from each of the disciplines every week. Membership status gives you access to all of the equipment that we have. These include but are not limited to; sparring gear, protective equipment, kick shields, boxing gloves, etc. Members also have the ability to purchase apparel to represent the club. Upon the completion of membership status, you are given a mouth guard to be used in training.


Martial Arts Self-Defense Club

1 Aerospace Boulevard
Daytona Beach Florida 32114
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