Alex Clay

President & Odyssey Project Lead

Alex was born and raised in a town outside of Jacksonville, Florida surrounded by airplanes and flight. When he got to Embry-Riddle, Alex joined ERPL and knew rocket propulsion was his passion. Since then, he has done two internships at Johnson and Johnson Vision and one at GE Aviation. Alex will also be interning at SpaceX before returning to get his masters degree in aerospace engineering in fall 2023. He has been a lead for project Odyssey since its inception in the fall of 2020 and has served as president for the club for the 2022-2023 school year.

Taylor Koehn

Liquid Propulsion Engineering Lead

Taylor, born and raised in Montezuma, Kansas, is a sophomore studying aerospace engineering and currently serves as the liquid propulsion engineering lead at ERPL. Outside of Embry-Riddle, he has interned at Gulfstream Aerospace during the fall of 2022 as an engineering intern and will be returning to Gulfstream Aerospace for the summer of 2023.

Steven Hodac


Steven, born and raised in St. Augustine, Florida, is a junior studying Aerospace Engineering. He has always been interested in spaceflight and aviation and joined ERPL the first week he got to Embry-Riddle. He's served as ERPL's secretary since the Spring of 2021 and as one of the leads for the Atlas Test Stand since the Fall of 2022. Outside of school and ERPL, he's interned with Boeing's Flight Sciences division.

Samir Ahmed

Liquids Project Lead

Samir served as the project lead for liquids between Fall 2021 and Fall 2022. During his tenure, Samir initiated Project Juno and led the design, analysis, and procurement of the engine. Some other achievements in ERPL include delivering Project Aquila to test fire at Prescott and assisting with the technical elements of Project Draco. Samir’s skills in ERPL were able to translate to industry when he interned with ULA at Cape Canaveral in the summer of 2022. There he worked in the booster propulsion group for both Atlas V and Vulcan. After graduating, Samir will be going to Huntsville to join the Combustion Devices team at Blue Origin.