Embry-Riddle Amateur Radio Club


Club Equipment

We have a large variety of equipment to cover all areas of amateur radio. Our primary station is based around a portable cart (left). Operating from a 40Ah LFP battery, the cart can move anywhere and operate on all bands from 160m to 70cm.

Besides a variety of radios, we also have an oscilloscope, spectrum analyzer, VNA, soldering iron, and dozens of other pieces of equipment and electronics tools.

Equipment is available to all dues paying members, and can be used to support your own radio-related projects.

About Us

Interested in the technology behind radio? Want to learn about analog electronics? Ever look up at a satellite and think about communicating with one? Join ERAU ARC today and do all of these things! We're a club dedicated to amateur radio: exploring the science and applications of radio far beyond what is normally possible with consumer equipment. If a technology is even remotely related to radio or RF, we've probably got a member interested in it - and we want to help you do it!

Club Meetings and Activities.

As of Spring 2022, we hold our regular meetings Thursday evenings, 8PM, in COAS 207. Meetings include lectures on amateur radio, activities - like building antennas or kits - and excursions outside for radio operation. We also have other activities outside of regular meetings, like foxhunting and satellite operation!

Club Discord Server

Most club communications and members can be found in the club's Discord chat server. If you are interested in joining it (membership is not required) please click the invite link below:


Membership Benefits

Members in good standing will have access to our club equipment (including an ICOM 7100, VNA and other diagnostic tools, and soldering and electronics tools.) You'll be able to meet with other students on campus with similar interests, and develop your technical skills if you help contribute with a club project. We also run various fun events, like fox hunting, for those interested in more active leisure. We'd love for you to receive an amateur radio license if you don't have one yet, and we'll be happy to help you learn the material and ace the exam (potentially at a club-administered one, should enough demand exist.)

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