Embry-Riddle Swimming

Profile Photo Jackson Saulnier Student President
General Secretary

The story of the Great War cannot be told without the mention of the name Jackson Saulnier. Born into a family of war heroes stretching back generations before him, it was always known that Jackson would follow in the footsteps of his father to lead an army, but no one could have predicted the impact his leadership would have. With the fall of the Old Guard looming in the near future, Jackson saw his change to transcend his military position and step into his destined role as a Leader of the People. Soon after, the Old republic was dismantled and the DPR Swim Club was formed. The People "unanimously" elected Jackson Saulnier for his invaluable contribution to the revolutionary efforts. That same day he hand-picked his cabinet and drew up plans for the erection of several monuments in major cities to commemorate his victory. At first, citizens welcomed the change after the corruption of the Old Guard, but some fear that they were taken from the frying pan only to be thrown into the fire.
Profile Photo Theryn Compoc Student Treasurer
Minister for Wealth-Redistribution

Before the days of the DPR Swim Club, the name Theryn Compoc was unfamiliar to the public. Today, however, the mention of her name to any man or woman on the street will invoke strong reactions, ranging from curiosity to fear, depending on which of the legends you believe. Many citizens claim to have seen her in a bar, or sat next to her on the bus, or scanned her rations at the grocery stockpoint, but it has been months since these "sightings" have been given any credence. Although no proven public appearances exist, Theryn's presence and influence in the DPRSC is ubiquitous. She is singlehandedly responsible for the Republic's booming economy today, having headed the great Economic Restructure of 2020. Beyond this, though, all other facts about the Official are merely speculation. Many believe that she has great military and political power beyond her scope, and could potentially topple the Republic should she choose to, but of course those are only rumors...
Profile Photo Brandon Eubanks Student Vice-President
Minister for Citizen Involvement & Morale

With a regime shift comes a shift in power, and no one took better advantage of the situation than Brandon Eubanks. A low-level civil servant, Brandon parlayed his minimal power into big-league government tenure. To compare Brandon's role in the Republic to that of the Queen of England, he has no real power, but no one seems to notice. Brandon's role in the DPRSC is merely for public morale, and in reality he has about as much power as they do (none). In times of uncertainty, the citizens of the Republic look to him for reassurance, and he never fails to deliver. But like all court jesters, one who does not please the King pays the price. Brandon does his job well, but mostly because he knows he has to. Once he falls from favor in the eyes of the public, the administration will spit him back out onto the street, and replace him just as quickly.
Profile Photo Elizabeth Blickensderfer Faculty/Staff Advisor
Profile Photo Hannah DeFino Student Secretary
Minister for Propaganda

Once a soldier in the Old Guard civilian militia, Hannah DeFino slowly and dilligently worked her way up the ladder or ranks and supervisors. What would have been a quiet, modestly successful career was cut short by a dispute that took place in the barracks. Another soldier claimed that DeFino had attempted to steal classified documents from inside a government building during a patrol. Somehow DeFino managed to dissuade everyone from investigating the claim, but she was dismissed from service due to the controversey. Spurned by the Old Guard, she turned her efforts to the opposition, a budding revolution led by General Saulnier. Over her years of service she had gained access to some privileged information, which greatly aided the general in outmaneuvering the military. These days, she is responsible for all Presidential communications, although she has been known to alter his words from time to time in order to send a more palatable message to the People.