Embry - Riddle Aeronautical University Orientation Team

About Us

The Orientation Team consists of approximately 80 student leaders from all over the globe representing all different degree programs, interests, and backgrounds, that come together with the common goal of making new students feel very welcomed when the come to Embry-Riddle. Our Team is a branch of Orientation under Student Engagement & Student Union, which is led by Karin Gollin, Executive Director of Student Engagement & Student Union and under the direct supervision by the Assistant Director for Orientation & Communications, Ronnie Mack. The Orientation Team works year round orientating new and transfer students to the university. Orientation programs take place for new students in August (Fall Semester), January (Spring Semester), and in the summer before the Summer A and B terms. Recruitment for the "O-Team" takes place each fall after Fall Orientation. Each Spring members of O-Team leadership represent ERAU the Southern Regional Orientation Workshop (SROW) which is a weekend-long event located in one of the South-Eastern States, where the O-Team connects with 1,000+ orientation leaders from around the country. At SROW the O-Team networks with other schools to gain ideas and knowledge about how to better our program, and how to make our Orientation more successful for the years to come! O - Team members also have the opportunity for training and development through Spring training which is a requirement of the position.  Recruitment for the "O-Team" takes place each fall after Fall Orientation.

Team Captains

Jordan Thomas
Ronnie Mack
Dylan Molitor
Victoria Jordan
Emily Gobert