Center for Faith and Spirituality

"To have some fun and do some good."


General Information

During the semester, the Center is open from 6am until midnight. To learn more about the Center, our prayer rooms, and our chaplains visit:

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Finding a Spiritual Home

The Center helps students connect with members of their own tradition or learn about others by helping them find:

ERAU Religious Life Organizations

Worship Services on Campus

Local Churches and Congregations #1

Local Churches and Congregations #2

Interfaith Training

ERAU welcomes students, faculty, and staff from all over the world. The Center seeks to help students learn from each other about different religious traditions.

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The 9/11 Project

We are preparing for the 20th anniversary of the attacks. We will have a memorial service and a research symposium on 9/11, ERAU, and 20 Years of Aviation. We welcome students interested in being a part of this effort.

9/11 Project

Career and Calling: Finding An Academic Fit

The Center offers research programs to help students explore their professional identity. Careers can be a calling.

Sports and Aviation Flyer + Info

Fashion and Aviation Page

Spiritual Formation and Leadership Programs

A well-lived, meaningful life that makes a difference requires cultivation, exploration, and practice. The Center offers:

Daily Spiritual Practices

Loss and Leadership - Preparing students to serve others during times of death and loss.


Our Purpose

To encourage and support students in nurturing your spirit --the part of yourself that seeks meaning, purpose, and connection. For students of faith, we encourage and support you in nurturing your spirit within the framework of your faith commitment

Our Goals

To foster a campus culture where students of diverse beliefs feel welcome. To inspire students of diverse beliefs to build bridges of cooperation for the common good. To help prepare students to become ethical professionals and responsible citizens in a global community.

Our Services

Available for individual conversations and counseling regarding spirituality (seeking meaning, purpose, connection) and/or faith (connecting spirituality with faith). Serve as a resource, presenter, or participant for groups planning programs containing spiritual, faith, or interfaith elements. Provide oversight and support for student spiritual/faith groups. Assist students looking to connect with a spiritual/faith group on campus or in the local community. Available for crisis care (deaths, hospitalizations, accidents, overwhelming day).


Our Team

Jennifer Thomas
Fr. Tim Daly
Rachel Bauer
Train Engineer/Rocket Scientist/Pole Vaulter/Explosives Expert/Wood Splitting Extraordinaire
Kelly Harris
Elizabeth Allen
COO/diverse individual/NARP (Non-Athletic Regular Person)
Shayla Merrigan
Victoria Gustafsson
Cole Mummert
Gianna Castano
Joelle Bobinsky
Chancellor Lackey-White
David Keck
Abrielle Otero
Ana Pajic