Welcome to the 2023 Student Government Association Elections Portal, produced by The Avion.

With the upcoming elections for the next SGA President, Vice President, Treasurer, Student Senate, and Student Treasury Board, The Avion has made a way for all students to make an informed decision on selecting the next representatives for the student body.

For this website, The Avion captured responses to interview questions from candidates via an online form, administered from March 6 to March 14, 2023. Each candidate was asked the same questions as other candidates running for the same respective position.

The Avion has published these interview question responses on this website, and each candidate's profile on this website appear in the same order that they will appear on the official election ballot. Candidates whose profiles do not appear on this website or in the Elections Special Edition Magazine opted not to have their profiles published. This website is published alongside a Special Edition Magazine and Special Episode Broadcast, also produced by The Avion.

Please navigate through this portal, being sure to visit each ticket/candidate's page, which houses their basic biography and their interview question responses.

For questions or concerns regarding this website or any SGA Elections marketing or information products, please contact The Avion at dbavion@erau.edu.

March 28 @ 6 PM | IC 101

Executive Ticket Debate

April 03 @ 12 PM | SU Event Center

SGA Elections Kickoff Event

April 04 @ 8 AM → April 06 @ 11:59 PM

Voting via CampusGroups

April 07 @ 5 PM | SU Rooftop Terrace

SGA Elections Results Announced

Watch our Special Broadcast Episode

In this episode, made especially for this year's elections, our team covers the major responsibilities of each elected role in the SGA and the key things you should look for when voting for your next student leaders.

Watch highlights from the Executive Debate

The Elections Executive Debate was on Tuesday, March 28. We've recorded most of the discourse for you to view and recap.


Visit each candidate's page to learn more about them!



EXECUTIVE - President & Vice President

Salim Roig
Callum Mann

Vice President

Mary Kathryn Brantley
Zachary Shepley

Vice President

Ryan Sogness
Isaac Fischer

Vice President

Michael Dipierro
Bryce Farnham

Vice President

Evgeniia Egorova
Kathleen Perry

Vice President

Aiden Cox
Victoria Gaibor

Vice President

EXECUTIVE - Treasurer
Shane Plantier Treasurer
Harley Valdez Treasurer
Angelina Buysse Treasury Board Member
Joshua Sherman Treasury Board Member
John Setford Treasury Board Member
Joshua Daugherty Treasury Board Member
Eric Suarez Treasury Board Member
Diego Cordero-Rios Treasury Board Member
Eyad Mominkhan Treasury Board Member
John Pesarchick Treasury Board Member
Aylin Myftija Treasury Board Member
STUDENT SENATE - College of Aviation
Ander Turueno Garcia COA Senator
Diogo Horta COA Senator
Anthony Velez COA Senator
Dariel Garcia COA Senator
Samuel Schoenherr COA Senator
Brayden Stocks COA Senator
Jameson "Connor" Brooks COA Senator
Chad Willock COA Senator
STUDENT SENATE - College of Arts & Sciences
Caelin Sergent COAS Senator
Dominic Sandell COAS Senator
Kaley Eaton COAS Senator
STUDENT SENATE - College of Business
Yaritza Dieguez COB Senator
Chloe Christovich COB Senator
STUDENT SENATE - College of Engineering
Teshome S. Teshome COE Senator
Xavier Gorman COE Senator
Samantha Hartke COE Senator
Papa Abdoul Sene COE Senator
Prabhsidak Singh COE Senator
Dylan Sowma COE Senator
Muhammed-Sharif Adepetu COE Senator
Jet Stevenson COE Senator
STUDENT SENATE - International Student
Serena Elijah International Student Senator
Hassan Alsmery International Student Senator
Dallas Balentine Student Life Senator
STUDENT SENATE - Veteran Student
Jared Etheridge Veteran Student Senator

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