Veteran Student Senator Candidate

Simeon "Tex" Scallon

Tex's photos were captured by:

Dylan Kowlessar / The Avion

Simeon (Tex) Scallon

Sophomore, BS Unmanned Aircraft Systems Science

"My name is Simeon Scallon, but I go by Tex. I believe the students are the very reason for this university and should have the education they need to be successful and the experience to make them the best version of themselves. I have always been an advocate. As a soldier, I did my best to ensure these rights. As a suicide prevention NCO, I dedicated my time and efforts to putting morals, inclusion, and humor, lending an ear when one was needed and a shoulder when a soldier needed to be a human. I believe we, as humans, do more for others than ourselves. No one does better than when they know someone depends on them. I've been a psychologist, therapist, preacher, stand-up comedian, soldier, legal advocate, and father. If I can make someone’s life or journey a little better, happier, included, understood, and accepted, then I count that as time well spent and effort well placed. I hope you will grant me the honor of advocating for this student body."

  • What makes you a qualified candidate for this position?

    "I do my best work when people depend on me. As a father, I dedicate my life to learning everything I can about this world to teach my son in hopes that he lives a better life than mine. I have already been through college and received one degree. Having already done it once, I feel I am qualified to give advice, assistance, encouragement, and advocacy where it is most needed. I've traveled to and lived in 5 states and 5 countries. I've worked in the military, security, retail, DOD, service, food, hospitality, comedy, law, and blue color. If I can make someone’s life or journey a little better, happier, included, understood, and accepted, then I count that as time well spent and effort well placed. I'm less concerned with who is right than how we can work together for the common goal of achieving our own personal best. Let's stop fighting and start winning together."

  • What is the purpose of the SGA Student Senate?

    "The Senate is the voice of the student body. We aim to represent the student body and act in their best interests over our own. We will legislate on their behalf, advocate for them, and work on their behalf through projects that are in their best interests. We liaise for the student body to department heads. It is our responsibility to be more selfless and community-minded, to do what others are unable to do, and to do what others are unaware needs to be done. To advocate, fight for, simplify, and factor the students into the machine of higher education so that they have the best education and experience possible. I believe doing this is the best way to help this nation become better and better, generation by generation. This student body is the future of industry pioneers and leaders, and I am privileged to be amongst them again."

  • How do you plan to elevate and communicate issues that your constituents are concerned about to the Senate?

    "The premise that there is no stupid question stems from the understanding that if you thought it or were confused, chances are someone else was confused or wanted more clarity. It is the same with asking students, “What do you think would improve student life?” Each time I’ve asked this I have gotten responses enthusiastic answers; many of them overlapping. Making yourself well known as someone who will act on their behalf will encourage their verbalizing of concerns. I believe open discussions will get to the root causes of these frustrations. Being open to students’ concerns and frustrations is the best way to turn “problems” into opportunities for success, frustrations into accomplishments, and learned helplessness into autonomy. When this dedication and care are implemented, change can and will occur. When this change occurs, it will encourage more communication and have a compounding effect on student participation."

  • How will you improve the ERAU experience for your constituents?

    "I have already begun by asking my fellow veteran students what they want from their SGA, and they have spoken and written about their desires. Even before being part of the Senate, I worked with the current senators and participated in meetings to communicate the veteran students' desires, needs, and hopes. I plan to show the student body that through their communicated needs and desires, we, the student body, can and will make the changes they want. I am working with the bookstore and the library to make audiobooks available to students (such as myself) who struggle to read because I believe each student learns in different ways, and all should be able to learn in the way they learn best. We, the student body, are more powerful than we believe we are. I believe results-driven advocacy will encourage student participation in the SGA while at school and in their local government when they graduate."