Treasury Board Member Candidate

Aylin Myftija

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Aylin Myftija

Junior, BS Business Administration

"My name is Aylin Myftija, and I am currently a junior pursuing a degree in Business Administration with a Marketing focus. I started my college career as a Mechanical Engineer, but as the end of my sophomore year neared, I changed majors to something I found to enjoy more. Even though I am not an engineer anymore, I hold a position in ERAU Motorsports as the Composites Lead, where I lead the manufacturing of carbon fiber components to be used on the race car we build. I am also a Teaching Assistant in the O'Maley College of Business. I am running for this position because I want to get more involved with the school and ensure that RSOs are better funded by the Student Treasury Board. I think I would be a good fit for this position as I have been in leadership positions before, am hard-working, organized, and a quick learner willing to get things done. I hope in this position to deepen my understanding of finances to better help the campus community."

  • What makes you a qualified candidate for this position?

    "Being a part of the Student Treasury Board requires leading others and making hard decisions. I feel like I would be a qualified candidate for this position as I currently hold a few leadership positions on campus, one of which is in ERAU Motorsports. I am the Composites lead for the team, which requires quite a few things of me. I hold weekly meetings, delegate tasks to members, ensure projects are being worked on, and take on projects myself when needed. Another requirement of this position is to make budgets for my sub-team to ensure we have allocated enough resources for the projects we intend to tackle and make sure our car goes to the competition each year. Other than that, I am pretty hard-working, up for any task, big or small, organized, approachable, and confident I can make an impact while working on the Student Treasury Board."

  • What is the purpose of the Student Treasury?

    "The purpose of the Student Treasury is to distribute and allocate funds from the SGA fee students pay each semester to the budgets of each Registered Student Organization on campus. With the allocation of budgets to each group or club, it is a Student Treasury member's job to help these student organizations with any questions they may have regarding their budget, capital expenditures, and any other financial issues the organization may encounter. Overall, the purpose of the Student Treasury Board in the SGA is to teach real-world skills to the people involved, whether it is skills in dealing with finances or just general communication skills in a work environment. All Registered Student Organizations on campus want to keep doing what they are doing, and the Student Treasury Board is the key to that. The hope is that we can handle finances responsibly to support all Registered Student Organizations on campus."

  • How would you define risk management, and how would you relate this skill to your position as Student Treasury Board Member?

    "The best definition I can give to risk management is being able to identify what might go wrong in any given situation and be able to assess those possible issues and mitigate the negative impact or consequences that may come of it. A lot of the finance world deals with mitigating risk, which is basically planning for the worst and having a way to combat that threat. As a Student Treasury Board member at Embry Riddle, this skill is very beneficial to have. As a board members, we must deal with the issues that arise from Registered Student Organizations and their finances, specifically with SGA budgeting. We have to evaluate the financial risks related to each organization's budget and determine the right amount of funding for each. With this skill, I will be able to make informed decisions while mitigating risk when it comes to funding organizations here on campus."

  • How do you plan to ensure the organizations you represent receive the funding they need without putting others at a disadvantage?

    "As a Student Treasury Board member, it is one of my main jobs to allocate funds to a diverse group of student-led organizations here on campus while ensuring that there is a fair distribution of monetary resources.

    To ensure that each organization gets the funding they need without putting any other RSO at a disadvantage, there must be a system to ensure that the process of allocating resources is unbiased. Each organization must submit a budget packet for review to the Student Treasury Board, and we must assess each budget to understand the goals of each organization, what they plan to use the money allocated to them on, and ensure that they get the right amount of funding. The student organizations that positively impact the student body and use their funds effectively each semester will be prioritized on allocations. A list of clear expectations and guidelines will be given to each RSO to ensure that they understand how funding will work and what deadlines they must meet, which ensures fairness to all organizations. Overall, our main goal is to allocate funds effectively, efficiently, and fairly to all"