Treasury Board Member Candidate

Eyad Mominkhan

Eyad provided his own photos.

Eyad Mominkhan

Junior, BS Aeronautical Science

"Hi Eagles! My name is Eyad Mominkhan, a junior in Aeronautical Science, and I'm currently working for HRL as Resident Advisor. I have taken over multiple leadership roles on campus, such as: serving as the International Students Senator within Student Government Association (SGA), working on several projects with different departments and organizations, and establishing an annual cultural festival with the International Students & Scholar Services (ISSS). I'm running for Treasury Board this year to be a voice of change and represent and advocate for minorities and underrepresented students. I believe in equal opportunities and the right to have the most out of college. So, my goal is to help Registered Student Organizations (RSOs) allocate their budgets, improve the budgeting process, and fund and support diversity and inclusion projects on campus. I will do my best to ensure every RSO has access to all the help and support they need to succeed. Your Success is Our Success!"

  • What makes you a qualified candidate for this position?

    "Being a member of the Student Treasury Board is a very challenging and demanding position, and those who serve on the board must have unique qualities and traits, alongside the proper experience, to meet the expected responsibilities of the board. Throughout my time on campus, I have served the student body through Student Senate in the SGA and through clubs and student organizations. As a student leader, I have also seen the SGA and RSOs challenges and difficulties through different lenses and perspectives. Therefore, I plan on working with all clubs and Student Orgs to improve allocations and budgeting processes by hearing their input, advocating for and supporting current and new clubs and organizations that support Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, and collaborating with other on-campus departments to exchange benefits and provide more services to RSOs. My ultimate goal is to improve the overall experience and services provided to students through RSOs, and I will work tirelessly to make sure that happens."

  • What is the purpose of the Student Treasury?

    "Student Treasury is one of the Student Government Association (SGA) branches that all organizations on campus work with to benefit from their initiatives and services. Treasury Board is the backbone of the SGA and all the clubs and student organizations. It is the board that handles and distributes all the money, fund and encourages new projects and developments, increase the variety and diversity of activities, and most importantly, helps improve students' overall college experience. Student Treasury is there to support all organizations not just only with money, but also with expertise and consult on how to run the Registered Student Organization (RSO) budget and finances, how to properly plan budgets, and how to spend allocations efficiently. The prime goal of the board is to distribute the SGA funds into divisions, branches, RSOs, initiatives, projects, and others to increase students' involvement on campus and improve the services provided to them."

  • How would you define risk management, and how would you relate this skill to your position as Student Treasury Board Member?

    "Risk management is the continuing process of evaluating and identifying the risks and threats to the organization. Risk management is an important skill to have when dealing with financial institutions. If elected, I will work together with my fellow board members to evaluate and determine the financial risks and challenges by identifying the possible risks and their potential. Then, we will make the best decision that serves the interest of the SGA and the student body. We will also make sure to consult with other senior members and our advisor so that we have the proper information and help before making any call that affects the SGA or Student Treasury budget. Overall, it is important to collaborate and work as a team to achieve the goals and objectives of the board, serve the best interest of the student body and RSOs, and improve the communications and services the board provides."

  • How do you plan to ensure the organizations you represent receive the funding they need without putting others at a disadvantage?

    We will make sure to meet with all the RSOs equally and fairly and have mass training for all the RSOs' presidents and treasurers to ensure they have the proper knowledge and understanding of how the allocation process work and what are the expectations of each organization when requesting their budgets. We will also have one-on-one meetings with those who request further clarifications if needed. Additionally, we will make sure to be as transparent as possible to everyone and answer any questions regarding any of the Student Treasury activities. I believe every RSO has the right to be represented equally and fairly. Therefore, I will be available for all those who have issues or concerns regarding any of the activities of the Treasury Board through office hours. Also, there will be one-on-one meetings available for all RSOs to meet with any of the Board members to address any issues, or concerns, or simply to answer any questions."