Treasury Board Member Candidate

Joshua Daugherty

Joshua's photos were captured by:

Colin Daily / The Avion

Joshua Daugherty

Sophomore, BS Aeronautical Science

"Born and raised in Fort Worth, Texas, I am Joshua Daugherty. This term, my goals and efforts will be to continue bringing transparency and education through the Student Treasury, ensuring success for all RSO leaders, and guaranteeing the growth of small and large clubs! 

I have been on the Student Treasury Board since November of 2022 and have also seen the Student Treasury calculate and accomplish the most accurate estimations for RSO allocation collections and allocation disbursement. I am also a member of the Delta Chi Fraternity and a member of an RSO. I have also been a member of committees in high school that were in charge of overseeing the income and expenses for specific departments. As an incoming junior in the Aeronautical Science major, I ensure to have free time for answering questions and assisting any RSO that approaches me."

  • What makes you a qualified candidate for this position?

    "I am the treasurer of my own RSO, so I am very aware of the user experience for most RSO leaders on campus. I have also been on the Board since November 2022, meaning I have seen and understand the operations of the Student Treasury Board. I have no issue providing unbiased opinions, and I always put the student body's interests first. I do my best to ensure the quality of life for the student body is ever-improving. Any student is more than willing to approach me for any questions or assistance so that they can be as successful as possible. I also will see to it that more students are more understanding and more successful with receiving funding for their professional development because I want to see more and more students take advantage of the opportunities that we provide for them."

  • What is the purpose of the Student Treasury?

    "The Student Treasury is responsible for funding Registered Student Organizations, Divisions of the Student Government Association, and Professional Development. For RSOs, the purpose of the Student Treasury Board is to ensure any club receives enough money to sustain and grow their membership and audiences through essential equipment, beneficial traveling events, and on-campus events for spreading their name and mission statement. The Student Treasury is also critical for funding the different divisions of the SGA so that ERT has enough equipment to continue keeping the campus safe, The Avion can continue to inform and interview the student body, Touch-N-Go can continue entertaining and engaging the student body, and finally, so that WIKD can keep broadcasting and outreaching. Finally, the Student Treasury funds professional development for the student body, allowing the future professionals on campus to network with real-world professionals and work towards securing their dream careers soon after their time at the University."

  • How would you define risk management, and how would you relate this skill to your position as Student Treasury Board Member?

    "I would define risk management as the ability to identify, prevent or rectify any hazard that is specific to its situation. Risk management is important for the Student Treasury because we want to be sure that everyone is treated fairly and that we will identify any potential issues when structuring funding for each budget (i.e., professional development and capital expenditure). We then prevent these issues by looking after the average collections for each budget, and we estimate what the next semester's collections will look like based on our previous averages. And finally, if any issue does unfortunately arise, the Treasury Board works tirelessly to rectify that issue to ensure that it is no longer a problem and the RSOs can continue with their usual submissions. Overall, risk management is essential for the Student Treasury because if issues cannot be prevented and rectified, the entire process and operation would not be viable in the long term."

  • How do you plan to ensure the organizations you represent receive the funding they need without putting others at a disadvantage?

    "The organizations that I represent will be guaranteed that their voice will be heard in all meetings. I will dedicate time to understanding any issue that one of my represented RSOs may have, and I will be thorough with any method of solving said problems. I will ensure that my RSOs are educated on the systems they are working with, and it is my maintained goal to ensure that every one of my RSOs receives an allocation, whether they are brand new or veterans to the process. I understand that navigating budgets for RSOs can be daunting, as I myself have to do that for my own RSO, but I will educate any RSO that is uncomfortable submitting budgets or payments so that they can feel confident that they are steering their RSO in the right direction. No RSO leader I represent will be left in the dark or unsure of what will come next for themselves and the student body as a whole."