Treasurer Candidate #3

James H. Brown III

"Charting your path to success"

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Meet Your Treasurer Candidate James!

James H. Brown III

Junior, BS Global Conflict Studies

"I am James Brown III, a Global Conflict Studies major pursuing minors in Geographic Information Systems and Forensic Accounting.

During my tenure as Vice President of BSA, I saw a lack of communication and understanding between cultural, social, and new organizations. I have been the Business Director of WIKD 102.5 FM for the past two years, growing my understanding of the financial turmoil presented for organizations with no financial direction.

For the students by the students; these are the foundations that student government should uphold equitably, ensuring that all student groups achieve their goals within their passions. I want to be the guide for new treasurers and presidents of RSOs, FSLs, and the Divisions of the SGA, helping them achieve effective transitions between officers and a better understanding of their roles and responsibilities."

  • What is your platform for this campaign? How does it stand out?

    "My focus revolves around education and empowerment. I propose the introduction of a Treasurer Transfer Packet Template for all Registered Student Organizations (RSOs), ensuring incoming treasurers have the knowledge needed for effective financial management. Clarity is paramount. By implementing visual aids like graphs and standardized metrics for credit standing, we can openly communicate the financial health of the SGA and RSOs. This information will be made public, fostering accountability and informed decision-making. I recognize the challenges student organizations may face, and that's why I advocate for tools and guidance to support recovery from poor credit standing. It's about equipping our student leaders with the resources they need to overcome financial setbacks and ensure the continuous success of their organizations.

    Unity Projects are at the heart of my vision. Through workshops like 'How To Play the Game,' we'll offer essential financial tips and tricks for treasurers. Additional workshops will cover crucial topics such as budgeting, proposal writing, and justifying budgets. These initiatives aim to transform the Treasury into more than just a financial manager but a supportive SGA Branch actively nurturing student passions. Proactive communication is key to addressing concerns efficiently. I propose the implementation of preemptive emails, a Discord manager, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) resources, and a QR code comments box. These tools will facilitate open dialogue, ensuring that the lines of communication between students and the Treasury remain strong. Together, let's build a financially savvy and united SGA that empowers student leaders, promotes financial literacy, and fosters a thriving campus community."

  • What makes you the most qualified candidate for this position?

    "I stand as the most qualified candidate for the Treasurer position, shaped by my journey within the SGA during a period of significant change. My motivation has always been a relentless pursuit of understanding the 'why' behind the financial intricacies—why certain organizations receive varying funds and the underlying structure of the system. This curiosity has been my compass through turbulent times, honing my insights into the SGA's financial dynamics.

    Now, I am steadfast in my commitment to share this knowledge. I am passionate about fostering clarity, and my experiences drive me to help fellow treasurers adopt safe and effective financial practices. As your Treasurer, I aspire to bridge knowledge gaps, promote understanding, and empower others to navigate the SGA's financial landscape with confidence. I take the time to acknowledge the underdog and I believe every organization that goes through this process correctly should be able to reach their goals. My proven dedication and insights position me as the ideal candidate to guide the SGA through its financial complexities."

  • As the SGA's Treasurer, you are responsible for managing and approving the budgets of organizations across campus. How will you ensure that money is distributed fairly and that organizations have what they need to operate?

    "In the pivotal role of SGA Treasurer, I am committed to navigating the delicate balance between the organization's mission statement and standing, while also placing a strong emphasis on the quality of work being done. The process of managing and approving budgets for diverse campus organizations necessitates a nuanced approach that addresses the broader goals of the SGA while catering to the unique needs of each group. To ensure fair distribution of funds, I propose a comprehensive strategy anchored in fairness and transparency. A careful review of the organization's mission statement will guide financial decisions, establishing clear guidelines that align with the core values of the SGA. Simultaneously, I advocate for a meticulous evaluation process that considers the impact, creativity, and community engagement demonstrated by each organization. This approach extends beyond budgetary considerations, focusing on the tangible outcomes and contributions of each group to the campus community. Open communication is paramount. I plan to conduct regular consultations with organization leaders to gain insights into their specific needs, challenges, and aspirations. This collaborative dialogue will inform decision-making, ensuring a more accurate and inclusive understanding of the organizations' requirements. Additionally, I will establish a feedback mechanism to continuously assess the effectiveness of budget allocations, allowing for adaptive strategies. Clarity will be a cornerstone of my tenure as Treasurer. I commit to maintaining clear and accessible financial records, ensuring that every member of the SGA and the organizations we serve can understand and scrutinize the allocation process. This transparency aims to instill trust and confidence in the distribution of funds."

  • How would you define risk management in relation to your position and how would you use this skill in your position if elected?

    "As the prospective Treasurer of the Student Government Association, I perceive risk management as a pivotal aspect of financial stewardship that involves meticulous, unbiased planning to ensure the optimal allocation of resources while safeguarding the financial well-being of student organizations. Risk management, in the context of Treasurer, necessitates a proactive and comprehensive approach. It involves identifying, assessing, and mitigating potential financial risks that may impact the SGA and the diverse student organizations it serves. This process requires a keen understanding of the financial landscape, an awareness of external factors influencing budgets, and a commitment to fair and equitable distribution. In practice, I will employ risk management skills to establish robust financial strategies that align with the SGA's mission and objectives. This involves conducting thorough assessments of the financial health of student organizations, considering their unique needs and challenges. By adopting an unbiased perspective, I will ensure that resource allocation is based on merit, impact, and alignment with the collective goals of the SGA. Furthermore, my risk management strategy will include the development of contingency plans to address unforeseen challenges. This might involve creating financial reserves, establishing clear guidelines for emergency funding, and implementing protocols for responding to unexpected fluctuations in the fiscal environment."

  • What does the SGA mean to you?

    "The Student Government Association is a refuge for students who feel unsupported in their academic and personal pursuits. It's a space dedicated to providing opportunities for the under-represented or often overlooked. Having called it my home for three years, I recognize it as a gift that keeps giving, offering support to those who seek it. I believe in the SGA's potential to be a haven for all students, ensuring that no one feels alone in their journey toward academic and personal success. I have seen bountiful opportunities by connecting with the Student Government Association here at Embry-Riddle and I want everyone to utilize and size the resources set out before them. What the SGA has taught me is that change is not to be feared, but embraced in order to achieve a better future. With my commitment and experience, I aim to further nurture this inclusive environment and ensure that the SGA remains a source of support and empowerment for every student."