International Student Senator Candidate

Rayyan Asim

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Dylan Kowlessar / The Avion

Rayyan Asim

Sophomore, BS Aerospace Engineering

"My name is Rayyan Asim. I was born in Pakistan, raised in Dubai, and now live in Oman. I’ve seen and experienced cultures from all over the world through my interaction with dozens of international students throughout my life. This is how I also saw the blood, sweat, and tears that go into leaving your country for the better service of your people. As the great philosopher Ibn Sina once said, “I prefer a short life with width to a narrow one with length,” and that is the essence of what many other international students and students in general live by. We take the risk not because it’s easy but because it’s good for us and the world. I implement this in my college life by actively being involved with organizations like the MSA and ISO along with the SGA’s innovation committee, where I work with a team to solve real problems here at Embry Riddle. I hope to become an International Senator, so I can help the hard-working students at Riddle further."

  • What makes you a qualified candidate for this position?

    "I’ve not only observed people of almost 100+ cultures but also developed experiences with them. I understand the struggles and aspirations that we have, and I’m actively involved in aiding this everyday struggle through organizations such as the SGA’s innovation committee and by volunteering at student organizations such as the MSA and the ISO. This helps me better understand the student government structure and its operations along with student organizations. It’s through this that I’m always in touch with people who have similar goals to mine and want to help the student body and international community in any way they can. Despite all of this, I am an international student myself and I go through the same experiences and struggles as every other on campus. I aim to fix them and make life as smooth as possible for us and also ensure that we are able to access more opportunities than ever before."

  • What is the purpose of the SGA Student Senate?

    "Embry Riddle’s SGA senate aims to ensure all sorts of students on campus get the representation and helping hand that they need and deserve. Students at Riddle can only be truly helped if someone who has the same experiences as them is in an authoritative position that allows them to make serious decisions to do with life on campus. This is why the SGA has senators representing each student body and college. These senators are meant to listen, understand, and fully grasp what their respective student body demands, and they have an obligation to fulfill them. This is why senators need to be involved in student life, organizations, and government so they can observe the vast spectrum of life and its struggles in Embry Riddle. That’s how they can then take these issues and solve them through their involvement in the student legislative body and help their people excel."

  • How do you plan to elevate and communicate issues that your constituents are concerned about to the Senate?

    "Firstly, I will ensure that I am well acquainted with fellow senators and members of the SGA in order to guarantee better teamwork and cooperation. I will also make sure that I fully understand what the international students of Riddle require from me through careful observation in my interactions and surveys with them. After all this, I aim to implement a multi-faceted approach to addressing these problems by reaching out through all possible modes of communication through the SGA, such as different committees and senators, appropriate to the problems that need to be addressed. As a senator, I will address and implement solutions through different projects and proposals to the furthest extent I am able to under SGA regulation. As long as I am aware of a problem, no matter its significance, I will look for solutions and approach it from all angles possible while making sure that it is in accordance with what the international students of Riddle want by taking their feedback as often as I can."

  • How will you improve the ERAU experience for your constituents?

    "I plan to get the opinion of the international students as much as I can before I take any action. I will do this by surveying them using digital platforms such as social media and campus groups. Not only will I reach them digitally, but I plan to involve myself even further with organizations like the Muslim students, international students, Omani students, Saudi students, Indian students, Turkish students, and as many more as possible. By interacting with international students face to face and spending time alongside them through the college experience, I hope to better garner a proper understanding of the problems and different ways to solve them. For every solution I come up with, whether it be an entire project or a minor adjustment to policy, I will always ensure that international student feedback supports it before I implement it. I aim to start projects through committees like innovation which will especially focus on the needs of the international students such as better orientation and adjustment into Riddle along with access to resources around campus."