Housing & Residence Life Senator Candidate

Elizabeth Lobaugh

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Andrew Zubyk / The Avion

Elizabeth Lobaugh

Sophomore, BS Aerospace Physiology

"Hi, my name is Elizabeth. I am a sophomore Aerospace Physiology student with minors in Human Factors, Psychology, and Chemistry. I am the Secretary of the Embry Riddle Hockey Team and a CFR on the campus Emergency Response Team. I entered the Student Senate in the second semester as a Housing & Residence Life Senator. Because of my late arrival, I was able to start some projects but not quite finish them. I have decided to rerun for the position so that I can see those projects through. Currently, I am working on improving communication with Disability Support Services (DSS) so that all students are properly accommodated. I am trying to add a liaison within the Student Senate so that DSS can keep providing resources that benefit our students better. I am dedicated to helping our student body and am always open to hearing ideas from students."

  • What makes you a qualified candidate for this position?

    "As a candidate for this position, I am dedicated to doing my best. I bring a blend of academic focus and practical experience that equips me to serve effectively in the Student Senate. I have been involved with various campus groups, including the Student Senate. Serving as a Housing & Residence Life Senator in the Student Senate has allowed me to initiate projects to enhance student life. My current project to improve communication with Disability Support Services (DSS) demonstrates my commitment to ensuring that all students receive proper accommodation and support. By advocating for a liaison within the Student Senate for DSS, I aim to bridge gaps and foster a more inclusive campus environment. I am approachable and receptive to the ideas and concerns of my fellow students. I believe in collaborative decision-making and actively seek input from the student body to address pertinent issues effectively. My academic background, leadership experience, ongoing initiatives, and dedication to student welfare make me a qualified candidate for this position. I am eager to continue serving and making meaningful contributions to our campus community through the Student Senate."

  • What is the purpose of the SGA Student Senate?

    "The purpose of the Student Government Association (SGA) Senate is primarily to serve as the representative body for the student body within the university. The SGA Senate acts as a voice for students, advocating for their interests, concerns, and needs to the administration and faculty. One key purpose of the SGA Senate is to foster a sense of community and student engagement on campus. Through various initiatives, events, and programs, the Senate enhances the overall student experience and promotes a positive campus environment. This semester the senate has been pushing for more student engagement to make ourselves known. That way, students will feel more comfortable reaching out when they have conflicts. Senators work on projects each semester. These projects vary depending on who you are as a senator. But all of them aim to serve our students. Housing Senators, for example, can use funds to fix various things in dorm halls. With more student participation, we would be able to tailor these projects towards student interest."

  • How do you plan to elevate and communicate issues that your constituents are concerned about to the Senate?

    "Elevating and effectively communicating constituents' concerns to the Student Senate requires a proactive and inclusive approach. As a senator, I plan to ensure that the voices of my constituents are heard and addressed within the Senate. I will establish open communication channels to encourage constituents to share their concerns, ideas, and feedback. This includes organizing regular office hours, creating online feedback forms, and utilizing social media platforms to engage with students to gain their input. I will actively participate in campus events, club meetings, and student gatherings to connect with constituents and understand their perspectives firsthand. Building personal relationships and trust with students is essential for fostering open dialogue and transparency. I will collaborate with student organizations, residence halls, and academic departments to identify common issues and concerns affecting constituents. As a senator, I can amplify the collective voice of students and advocate for meaningful change. My approach to elevating and communicating constituents' concerns to the Student Senate emphasizes accessibility, inclusivity, and responsiveness. By actively listening, engaging, and advocating for my constituents, I am committed to representing their interests and positively contributing to campus life."

  • How will you improve the ERAU experience for your constituents?

    "I aim to improve communication channels between students and administration, ensuring that concerns and feedback are heard and addressed promptly. Also, it will improve communication between each branch and division of the Student Government Association. I believe that a united SGA can not only serve the students better but can also foster a great community. I would also continue my previous project improving communication and collaboration between students and Disability Support Services (DSS). By advocating for establishing a liaison within the Student Senate specifically for DSS, I aim to ensure that all students receive proper accommodations and support. This initiative will promote inclusivity and accessibility across campus, benefiting students with disabilities and the entire student body. I will actively seek input from students and engage them in decision-making processes. I will provide avenues for students to voice their concerns, ideas, and suggestions for improving the ERAU housing experience. Overall, my goal is to actively listen to the needs of my constituents and work tirelessly to implement positive changes that enhance the ERAU experience for every student. "