Housing & Residence Life Senator Candidate

Gabriel I. Colon

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Gabriel I. Colon

Freshman, BS Aerospace Engineering

"My name is Gabriel I. Colon. I’m a freshman majoring in Aerospace Engineering with a track in Astronautics. I consider myself a Latino college student whose interest has been awakened by helping others. Being actively part of the Emerging Leaders Program has helped me develop in providing leadership to others and become your future Senator of Housing and Residence Life. My purpose for running as Senator of Housing and Residence Life is to achieve equity, comfort, and security for us and future Embry-Riddle students. I recognize that I’m great for this position because perseverance, discipline, and generosity have been what I strive for in the person that I am today. Moreover, a leader reaches all his goals, and that’s why, as Senator of Housing and Residence Life, I aspire to achieve a place where students can be heard and acknowledged that when they have a problem, they will not be ignored and by being committed to ensuring priorities for students with disabilities and creating a new problem-resolution program. "

  • What makes you a qualified candidate for this position?

    "As an Embry-Riddle student, I have had the opportunity to develop my leadership skills in a relatively short period of time. For this position, I plan to lead, contribute, and assist current students at ERAU. I am confident I am qualified for this position because I have gained experience by listening to current students talk about their on-campus living experiences. Through their voices, I have learned a lot from their past experiences during their years at Embry. As a future leader on campus, I am highly motivated to help students feel heard and understood while residing on campus. I truly believe my leadership skills will benefit the student community at ERAU. I have always been passionate about helping others and during my time at the university, I’m excited about contributing to initiatives that will make on-campus living a more enjoyable and fulfilling experience for students. "

  • What is the purpose of the SGA Student Senate?

    "The purpose of the SGA Senate is to ensure that students feel safe and receive all the support they need to succeed in their college journey. The SGA Senate wants to enhance the quality of life for students and provide them with every opportunity possible. This includes advocating for student rights, supporting student organizations, and working with the administration to address student concerns. SGA Senate wants to provide a platform for students to voice their concerns and ideas. The SGA Senate encourages students to share their thoughts and opinions. By doing so, the SGA Senate can better understand the needs and concerns of the student body and work to improve their college experience. Overall, the SGA Senate is a critical component of any college community. By providing a voice for students and advocating for their well-being, the SGA Senate helps to create a positive and supportive campus environment where students can thrive. "

  • How do you plan to elevate and communicate issues that your constituents are concerned about to the Senate?

    "I plan to elevate and communicate the work toward addressing the issues the students are concerned about. My primary focus is encouraging them and giving them the confidence to speak up about their concerns. By actively listening to their concerns, I would create a platform where they can tell their problems or offer insights on what I can improve, and with that, I will understand their needs and areas that would require improvement. By gathering the necessary information, I will bring forward petitions to the SGA Senate and provide all my support in improving the students' on-campus experience. I believe that their voices should be heard and that their opinions matter. I will work hard to ensure that the relevant authorities address their concerns effectively and efficiently. So, I hope to create a positive and supportive community that enables students to excel academically, socially, and emotionally. My goal is to serve as a bridge between the students and ensure their concerns are heard and acted upon. "

  • How will you improve the ERAU experience for your constituents?

    "From my experience, Embry-Riddle is a good school overall, but there are some areas for improvement, particularly when it comes to the experience for students living on campus. One thing I would suggest is having weekly meetings with the heads of each housing unit to discuss any issues or concerns that students have raised. This would provide a great opportunity to hear directly from students and learn what improvements have been made in the residence halls. In addition to these meetings, I would also like to let every student know that I am available to listen and help resolve any problems they may have. Also, I will present the university with a new proposition to re-evaluate the process of housing in helping DSA students by providing better accommodations and being the first one during the housing selection process. Whether it's a noisy neighbor, a maintenance issue, or anything else, I want every student to feel heard and supported. By working together, we can create a better living experience for everyone on campus. With open communication and a commitment to making things better, we can create a truly great environment for everyone to live and feel comfortable in. "