Executive Ticket #6

Tim Dolan & Logan Price

"Together we soar. Together we serve"

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Meet Your President Candidate Tim!

Tim Dolan

Junior, BS Aerospace Engineering

"Originating from the heart of the Great Plains, USA, my appreciation for the energetic atmosphere and close-knit community produced by school events, particularly athletics events, motivates my desire to fill Embry-Riddle with a spirited culture, that demonstrates that us students are proud to be an Eagle!

Capitalizing on my leadership background as a longtime Boeing employee and fleet captain of the Sailing Team, I have demonstrated a diverse history of initiative and achievement across many playing fields. My commitment to enhancing student life through a focus on well-being, fostering lasting social ties, and elevating the essence of being an Embry-Riddle student aligns seamlessly with the SGA's overarching goal of improving the overall student experience. I am confident that my contributions to the student government would serve this objective most effectively."

  • What is your platform for this campaign? How does it stand out?

    "As a candidate for President, my platform is built on a foundation of enhancing school spirit, providing value through academic and extracurricular excellence, and amplifying student engagement. School spirit is the heartbeat of our community, and I aim to grow this through inclusive events and traditions that celebrate our many strengths. I'm committed to not only maintaining but elevating the value our student government brings to this institution by advocating for resources that support academic success and personal growth.

    Student engagement is pivotal for a vibrant campus life. I plan to create more interactive channels for feedback and implement regular town hall meetings, ensuring every voice is not just heard, but acted upon. With a proactive approach to addressing student concerns, and a strategic plan for enhancing the university experience, my campaign stands out as a catalyst for positive change, representing a presidency not of mere promises, but of actionable plans that resonate with the entire student body. In short, my platform is about more than just attending school; it's about belonging to a community that thrives together. It’s about ensuring that our time here isn't just well spent, but is also remembered fondly, long after we’ve graduated."

  • What makes you the most qualified candidate for this position?

    "In envisioning my role as President, I'm excited to bring a blend of leadership experiences—from the aerospace industry to on-campus activities—to ensure students enjoy a vibrant time on campus. I've had the pleasure of collaborating with diverse teams, where people set aside differences to achieve the extraordinary through collaboration.

    My eagerness to tackle challenges with streamlined processes and my goal alignment with the SGA's mission, like creating lasting memories using on-campus facilities, reflect my commitment to enhancing the student experience. Adding to this broad experience, I also take pride in my ability to delegate tasks to smaller groups to streamline processes. What sets me apart is not just these qualities existing side by side but how they cheerfully complement each other, working together to create the ultimate student experience—the very heart of the SGA's vision.

    I look forward to the opportunity to contribute to this vision and ensure that every student at Embry-Riddle has a friendly, enriching, and memorable campus journey."

  • As President, you would be a connection between students and the Administration. What do you do to ensure the voices of students are heard?

    "So that my fellow Embry-Riddle Eagles' voices are heard, I will ensure that each week, a time is designated to connect with anyone who wants to speak with me about what they want to see at our school. This would be in a forum-style meeting, where any individual or organization can participate. With the input from the student body, I believe that I will be able to properly represent what is needed from the SGA as an extension of the voices of my peers. I will also collaborate with other organizations on campus and be sure that I can understand their goals and concerns. Not only that, but I want to be very transparent with how decisions in the SGA are made and why, especially with how student input has directed those decisions. In order to organize all of the input that I would be collecting, I want it to be readily available to the student body through feedback forms that anyone can access."

  • How will you improve the SGA to better serve the student body?

    "I hope that I can better improve the SGA to the student body by improving leadership to student communication through multiple mediums. Utilizing multiple mediums is important to make sure that you reach as many students as possible to make sure every voice is heard. The SGA also provides many important tools to the students that the students use, and through my leadership I hope to expand these tools, such as access to an online tutoring system that is powered by an AI system to make learning more convenient. Some of the biggest barriers that students have today is the fact that their instructor is not available to assist them during long late hours of homework. This solution would remedy this issue. Expanding, the SGA is the outlet for the student to communicate directly to administration. If the students have a systemic issue, the SGA is the most straightforward receptacle to getting that issue solved."

  • What does the SGA mean to you?

    "To me, the Student Government Association (SGA) embodies the collaborative engine that propels our university community forward. It serves as a conduit for student voices, facilitating meaningful dialogue between students and administration. As a prospective President, being part of the SGA signifies the opportunity to contribute to the university's trajectory. Without the SGA, students would have no direct route to their close interests. It is our goal as the SGA to ensure that students have a remarkable time at Embry-Riddle.

    The SGA represents a commitment to inclusive governance, ensuring that diverse perspectives are acknowledged and integrated into the decision-making process. It is the organizational cornerstone for fostering a dynamic and enriching campus environment. My aspiration to lead the SGA stems from the belief in its pivotal role in shaping the student experience. In essence, the SGA is the mechanism through which students actively engage in co-authoring their collegiate narrative. It represents a professional platform where the ideals of transparency, collaboration, and student-centric governance converge to enhance the overall quality of university life."

Meet Your Vice President Candidate Logan!

Logan Price

Sophomore, BS Astronomy and Astrophysics & BS Computational Mathematics

"My name is Logan Price, and I'm currently a sophomore pursuing two degrees in Astronomy and Astrophysics & Computational Mathematics.

Originally from Virginia, I've found a second home here at Embry-Riddle. I'm deeply involved in campus life, holding multiple leadership roles: Secretary for the Society of Women Engineers, Women's Ambassador, soon-to-be Resident Advisor, and IT Lab Assistant. Every role I hold at Embry-Riddle is an extension of my passion to better the community. I strive to make a meaningful impact on the lives of my fellow students.

As Vice President of the SGA, I see an amazing opportunity to bring about positive change. I plan to work alongside fellow leaders in the SGA to implement collaborative changes to enhance the experience of every Eagle. With a combination of my academic integrity and knowledge from campus involvement, I am prepared to tackle the challenges ahead. Let's all work together to create a community that exemplifies inclusivity and empowerment."

  • What makes your Executive Ticket stand out?

    "I am committed to inclusive leadership and student empowerment. I strongly believe in fostering a campus environment where every voice is heard and valued, regardless of background or perspective. One key aspect that sets our ticket apart is a diverse range of experiences and expertise. I hope to bring unique insights and skills to the table, allowing the SGA to approach challenges from multiple angles and come up with solutions that benefit every student at Embry-Riddle. Furthermore, my vision for the SGA is centered on inclusivity and empowerment. I would prioritize transparency and communication, ensuring that students are informed and involved in the decision-making processes that would affect their lives. By actively seeking input from the student body, I would aim to always reflect the needs of the Eagle community. Finally, I am dedicated to driving meaningful change on campus. Whether it's advocating for improved student resources (such as parking) or promoting diversity and inclusion initiatives, I am and will always be fully committed to my fellow students and making their experience at ERAU as beneficial as possible. All in all, what distinguishes our Executive Ticket is passion and dedication. I bring forth a vision of collaborative leadership, inclusivity, and meaningful impacts. I am ready to work tirelessly on behalf of the student body to create a campus environment where every student can thrive and succeed."

  • What makes you the most qualified candidate for this position?

    "As a candidate for Vice President, my experiences offer a unique set of skills that would allow me to successfully serve the student body and implement positive change here at Embry-Riddle.

    Firstly, my extensive leadership experience within various RSOs on campus demonstrates my ability to work as a team and tackle challenges. Serving as Secretary for the Society of Women Engineers has prepared me to work in an executive position and communicate with my fellow leaders and those relying on me to make decisions. As a Women's Ambassador, I work for Admissions at ERAU and I have learned what the Embry-Riddle community looks like from many angles, and I understand where it's strong and where it needs improvements.

    Secondly, my academic pursuits in Astronomy and Astrophysics and Computational Mathematics provide me with a solid foundation for understanding complex issues and working with multiple departments at the university. My experiences with academics here at Embry-Riddle have left me with a commitment to promote academic excellence and ensuring that students are staying well at the same time.

    Additionally, I have a genuine passion for serving others and improving the student experience, which is a driving factor of my candidacy. I am invested in making students feel heard and respected here at Embry-Riddle, as well as genuinely enjoy their experiences here. I recognize the importance of academic success here at our university, but I want to ensure that students feel successful in more than just their studies.

    Overall, my combination of leadership experience, academic excellence, and dedication to serving others uniquely qualify me to effectively fulfill the responsibilities of Vice President and advocate for the best interests of the Embry-Riddle community."

  • As the Vice President, you have a supportive role to the President as well as being the head of the Senate. How will you use your position to ensure the needs of students are met?

    "In my role as Vice President and head of the Student Senate, I would be dedicated to ensuring that the needs and concerns of all students are properly addressed and prioritized. I will foster an environment within the Student Senate that thrives off teamwork, where every voice is heard and valued. By actively engaging with Senators representing diverse student populations, including college representatives, graduate students, international students, veterans, and residents, I will ensure that all perspectives are considered in our decision-making process.

    Additionally, I will work closely with different departments across campus to advocate for student interests and ensure that their concerns are addressed. Through regular meetings and methods of open communication (such as consistent town hall meetings, as I currently hold with my committee in SWE, in which anyone can come and share any ideas/feedback they have), I will bridge the gap between the decisions made by ERAU and the student body. In order to accomplish this, I will encourage Senate committees to focus on specific projects aimed at enhancing student life through direct student feedback.

    Furthermore, I will be completely open to providing resources and support so that myself and the Senate is equipped to aid every student here. Overall, my goal as Vice President is to use my position to represent and advocate for the needs of students. Their voices will be heard and their concerns will be addressed through collaboration within the Student Senate and with campus administration."

  • How would you use the position of Vice President to create a positive and productive environment in the SGA and around campus?

    "We go to a rigorous university, one that will prepare us for a successful future, but also demands a lot from its students. In the role of Vice President, my aim is to cultivate a vibrant and welcoming environment for all students to feel supported through their time here.

    At the center of this is clear communication. There can be a large gap between the student body and administrative decisions at Embry-Riddle, so I plan to establish a clear way for students to navigate to the SGA to ensure everyone feels heard and understood by those they elected into office. I will be available in person in the office as well as always available online through email and would be happy to set up another method that students find easier (such as other platforms like Discord or GroupMe).

    Additionally, as I've learned from past leadership experiences, I want an environment where students can come together and feel comfortable to share their thoughts. I would do this through hosting informal socials where students can come together. One thought for this would be to have each Senate host their own section of these socials so that students can go where they feel they need to go. Then, there would be one big town hall where everyone can come together and ensure everything is getting done. In addition to this, I would also want to highlight RSOs on campus. A big initiative of mine through my other leadership roles has been collaborating with other RSOs because I've recognized the importance of teamwork and how it can greatly impact students to become involved.

    Ultimately, my goal as Vice President would be to give students easy access to the wide range of resources here at Embry-Riddle and allow their voices to impact their experiences here."

  • What does the SGA mean to you?

    "The Student Government Association holds great significance to me as it represents everything I'm passionate about: the spirit and voice of our student body. To me, the SGA represents a platform for a positive change within our university community.

    Firstly, the SGA serves as a passage for student representation and engagement. It allows us to actively participate in creating our campus environment and what we experience. It provides a method for students to have their voices heard. Additionally, the SGA shows a commitment to leadership and responsibility that I honor greatly. As student leaders, we are given the responsibility of advocating for our fellow students and their wellbeing, while also maintaining integrity and accountability. Lastly, the SGA offers a way of establishing a community amongst all students. Through its various initiatives and programs, the SGA promotes inclusivity and creates opportunities for students to connect in order to thrive together. My involvement on campus has been my way of giving back for all of the wonderful experiences and opportunities I've gotten from Embry-Riddle. The SGA is a platform for meaningful engagement, inclusivity, and leadership, and I would be honored to join such a team."