Executive Ticket #5

Evgeniia Egorova & Kathleen Perry

"We listen. We care. We act."

Evgeniia & Kathleen's photos were captured by:

Andrew Harker / The Avion

Meet Your President Candidate Evgeniia!

Evgeniia "Jane" Egorova

Senior, BS Business Administration

"Hello everyone! My name is Evgeniia; however, everyone calls me Jane. I'm an international student from Spain pursuing a BS degree in Business Administration in Management. When I joined the Embry-Riddle family in Fall 2021, I had already completed my Associate of Arts degree. Currently, I'm a senior and plan to graduate in Spring 2024. By my second year at ERAU, I became the SHPE President, an RA, a Women's Ambassador, a DEI Coalition Event Coordinator, and an HRL Senator. All these positions have taught me patience, teamwork, time management, organization, healthy communication, and to lead by example and through service. My whole life, I gravitated toward social settings and never wanted to stop learning. During my ERAU experience, I learned that I love making people happy and helping people grow and feel included. As SGA President, I want to create an environment on campus where SGA Listens, Cares, and Acts upon the needs of students and our planet."

  • What is your platform for this campaign? How does it stand out?

    "Our platform is based on three principles. We listen. We care. We act. What this means is that we want to make sure that we listen to each other as students and focus on students' needs. That we hear you even if you're not speaking directly to us. We want to focus on making sure that not only do we hear you, but we also get passionate and excited about bringing it to life. I know that to accomplish something, you must feel passionate about it, which must be important to you. This is why we want to make sure that every SGA member feels passionate and excited about their position. Lastly, we want to make sure we take action - we fight for what you want. That we are persistent about your needs, and we speak up for you. That we fight for inclusivity and equity. We fight for those that have been underrepresented or unheard of. We listen to our planet and act to help it live and prosper. We only have one earth, so we want to take care of it."

  • What makes you the most qualified candidate for this position?

    "Firstly, I care about the students of this campus. I believe in our mission and vision for this community and the SGA. Anyone who has ever worked with me knows that I give it my all and always do my best, especially if it matters. I fight for what I care about, and I care about members of this ERAU family. Secondly, I have a lot of experience in leadership positions. Throughout my time at ERAU, I became the President of the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE). As president of this organization, I've created a more welcoming and inclusive environment for students of all majors and ethnicities. My Executive Board and I have also doubled our club's membership, improved our financial standing, and promoted our members' positive and safe growth. Next, I know the SGA from the inside. I've learned a lot about the SGA as the Housing & Residence Life Senator. In that position, I got to see how the SGA branches work together and how it can be improved. Lastly, I'm a team player. SGA is a big organization with a lot of moving parts. I will not be able to do everything on my own. This is why I would surround myself with people as hard-working and capable as I am. Who have different views and belong to different student groups. I prefer a strong support system that'll challenge me in every way possible. SGA is a very collaborative space, and I want to make sure everyone in the SGA office works as a team."

  • As President, you would be a connection between students and the Administration. What do you do to ensure the voices of students are heard?

    "I believe that as President, you must be good at making conversation and making people around you feel comfortable and heard. As President of SGA, I would make sure to vocalize students' needs straightforwardly with solutions already prepared. I would make it as hard as possible for them to say no. I also believe keeping up and developing good working relationships with administration representatives is very important. From conferences and events that I have attended before, I know that I will be able to build those connections. I'm also good at thinking on my feet so if a situation where I can express students' concerns were to come up, I'd be able to bring light to the issue and diligently work to make sure it is resolved. As a good negotiator, I would always consider the reasoning behind the administrative decisions and put myself in their shoes. Even with that, students' needs are my first priority."

  • How will you improve the SGA to better serve the student body?

    "The first order of business would be outreach. I want to make sure that the student body knows who we are, what we do and aren't afraid to come up and talk to us. I would accomplish that through mandatory regular tabling of the SGA officers as well as mandatory attendance at student organization meetings and events. I would make sure to improve the marketing efforts for the General Sessions and make greater efforts in updating the general student body on the progress of all the government branches. I want to create more ways for all branches to hold each other accountable to decrease any bias and create a safe and equally opportunistic environment for all students and student organizations. Lastly, I would focus on the relationship of SGA members outside of work. I feel that all SGA branches are very divided and SGA officers tend to stick to their own departments. I think it would be better if SGA members had networking opportunities between each other to create a better collaborative environment."

  • What does the SGA mean to you?

    "SGA to me is a place filled with opportunities to make a change for the better. It's an organization that allows us as students to fight for our wants and needs, as well as to impact our community for the better. We work every day to improve the student experience whether we do it through radio, Instagram, medical assistance, projects, Court or Treasury. I've been a part of that in many ways, and I still love the feeling of meeting students for the first time, learning about their life, and finding solutions on how to make their experience better.

    In a way, I see SGA as a plane. Each department is a different part that works together to achieve a common goal but has separate responsibilities and functions simultaneously. If a branch is struggling, we, as the rest of the plane, must make sure the plane doesn't go down. We lift each other, hold each other up and work together to fly. Even the students are part of the plane. If we are not notified of a storm, we won't be adequately prepared to handle it."

Meet Your Vice President Candidate Kathleen!

Kathleen "Kat/Katie" Perry

Senior, BS Business Administration

"For you, and all students, I am calling on Embry-Riddle to elect a Vice President to our Student Government that is committed to creating a campus dynamic that is more unified and successively aware of students and our environment's needs. You may know me as Kat, Katie, or Kathleen. Through three years of experience serving in student government, I have had the privilege of working with a variety of students, faculty, and staff on projects such as mentorship programs, mental health awareness initiatives, environmental sustainability proposals, and events focused on improving the student experience. I have learned the importance of genuine listening, care, and action in our leadership that is necessary to create positive change in our school community. As your Vice President, I am committed to building a more welcoming, inclusive, and sustainable campus community."

  • What makes your Executive Ticket stand out?

    "What makes our executive ticket stand above the rest is genuineness. Like you, we have worked hard to be where we are today. We both initially got involved in SGA to help people. College can be tough, and we are here to help students get the most out of their Embry-Riddle experience as possible. Many issues that can easily be pointed out that need to be addressed at our university are many of the same issues that have caused Jane and me to struggle throughout our college experiences. We will fight to work towards greater inclusivity as it applies to diversity support and improved access to resources for students of international origin, LGBTQ+, or physically or mentally disabled, just to name a few. Campus sustainability and environmental awareness is among the most influential reason for my personal SGA involvement and current campaigning. I plan to continue projects set into motion throughout my time in the Senate from the position of Vice President, which grants more opportunity for greater change."

  • What makes you the most qualified candidate for this position?

    "In addition to my experience in the SGA, I currently hold leadership positions as a Resident Advisor, Sailing Team Captain, Business Leadership Board member, and Peer Mentor in the Center for Faith and Spirituality. Creating a welcoming environment across campus, not only between branches, requires this involvement. Nearly all projects I have undertaken within SGA have been initiated as a direct result of complaints I heard about through these various other channels. I understand that there is great room for more communication outwards from the Senate, as all students should be able to easily tell what their elected representatives are doing in their service. From club involvement, I understand complaints about RSO-SGA relationships. As it has just passed that the Treasury and Senate will be working much closer together, I look forward to assisting club development in any way the student government can help."

  • As the Vice President, you have a supportive role to the President as well as being the head of the Senate. How will you use your position to ensure the needs of students are met?

    "After four semesters served on the Senate and two prior spent involved in SGA divisions, I have gotten the unique opportunity for a greater understanding of how the Senate operates and serves the students elected to represent, especially as affected by its leadership. Seeing these changes as executive boards rotate and many senators are reelected has heightened my understanding of what it takes to lead a Senate, get things done, and foster the welcoming relationships within the group and with constituents that this branch strives for. I aim to make the Senate's work much more visible and ensure that students know who to bring complaints to, especially as Senators are peers eager to find solutions. The interests and concerns of all students are the responsibility of their Senate representatives to embolden, and as Vice President, I will make sure that the branch exemplifies this."

  • How would you use the position of Vice President to create a positive and productive environment in the SGA and around campus?

    "As Vice President, the effectiveness of the SGA in the embodiment of "We listen, we care, we act." will be a priority. Students will be aware of who their Senate representatives are. Through standards such as open meetings with encouraged and incentivized student engagement, among other Senator expectations like club outreach, published project progress reports, and more social media coverage, increased productivity can be increased promised.

    The Student Leadership Suite on the second floor of the Student Union has certainly been made more inviting in recent years with the addition of free coffee and candy, though not as much positive progress for the further-back office area, in which SGA members may actually hear from those who they are entrusted to serve. With more representative social visibility, website updates, as well as a visible and labeled map, seeing more Student-SGA collaborations in the office would tell me that goals of Student Government welcomeness are seeing progress."

  • What does the SGA mean to you?

    "The Student Government Association acts as a voice for students and works to enhance the student experience. Our SGA works on a variety of issues, including enhancing campus facilities, planning activities and events, promoting the rights and welfare of students, and providing funding to student organizations. Additionally, they act as a liaison between the university administration and students, offering feedback and recommendations on ever-evolving programs and policies. Enhancing the academic and social opportunities for students on campus is the main goal of a student government, done through gathering and passing on the interests and concerns of the student body to the university's appropriate administrative channels and outside organizations.

    Every part of SGA's duties include fostering inclusion, equity, and diversity on campus. We must work to develop an open and accepting campus community that values diversity, and strengthens campus communities, and highlights student interests. SGA to me means that we all have a voice, and Jane and I are here to make sure that all students have found theirs."