College of Engineering Senator Candidate

Alfred R. Danksewicz III

Alfred's photos were captured by:

H. Preston Luniewski / The Avion

Alfred R. Danksewicz III

Freshman, BS Aerospace Engineering

" In this position, I intend to be held to the highest expectations as I will fulfill every engineer's young-minded dreams that they had as kids as I did. I have possessed numerous hardworking roles that will aid me in this position. Throughout my life, I have had hands-on experience in leadership by creating my company for landscaping to save money for me to go to college. That allowed me to take over my father’s electrical company for an entire summer when he was in the hospital, unable to fulfill his duties. These acclimated experiences have taught me that to be successful in a position where you show leadership is to go in clear-minded, put in all your effort until the job is finished, and not be scared when an opportunity is given. I will use the skills that I have acquired through various jobs for the position as I will work hard to fulfill all those hopes and dreams that you had as a kid on your path to becoming an engineer at Embry-Riddle."

  • What makes you a qualified candidate for this position?

    "For this position, I am qualified as I have been in numerous leadership roles through my work experience. Throughout high school, I worked over 4000 hours by starting my landscaping company. I had to deal with numerous clients' wants and needs in this position. In order to fulfill their wishes, I had to plan out what I needed to do in the situation that would be the best fit. This correlates with this position as I plan to fulfill constituents’ wants and needs with a strategic plan to fulfill their concerns. Also, during high school, I worked for my father's electrical company. During a part of this time, my Father was in the hospital. In this situation, I could have stopped working, but instead, I took over his company in the meantime to fulfill his client's needs, not to let his company get behind. This leadership role qualifies me for this position as I am not scared of stepping up to the plate when the time is needed to persevere."

  • What is the purpose of the SGA Student Senate?

    "The purpose of the SGA senate is to resolve issues that constituents are facing during their time at this constitution of academia. The SGA Senate receives these issues through the student body. In order to successfully resolve these issues, the SGA Senate must come together and come up with the best solutions to best resolve these concerns. The SGA senate used to be the listeners of the student body to pass it through legislation. This is an important role for this position in order to pass concerns that the student body has. The SGA Senate must come together and talk out which route is the best to address these concerns. This is ideal as the SGA Senate must talk out which attributes are the best fitting to fulfill the needs of the student body. The SGA Senate's purpose is to be the voice for the student body as they are the ones that move forward with a strategy to fulfill the students of ERAU."

  • How do you plan to elevate and communicate issues that your constituents are concerned about to the Senate?

    "I plan to elevate and communicate issues to the Senate by taking any concern shown to me to the SGA. This will allow us as a government to give back to the student body as it will allow us to come up with ideas and vote on these ideas to come up with the best solution possible in order to advance our college as a whole. This will help solve these constituents' concerns as the SGA will be able to determine the best plan moving forward to fulfill their needs. I plan on elevating and communicating these issues by looking at them carefully in order to give my utmost feedback and fulfill the constituents' concerns. I will do so by taking these thoughts, and thinking about every single situation that could affect these thoughts. Only then will I be able to apply my sources in order to fulfill their concerns and better their time at ERAU."

  • How will you improve the ERAU experience for your constituents?

    "I will improve the experience for constituents at ERAU as I am planning to start my own club in the meantime. This club is called Space Operation Problem Solving, and it goes towards engineers or any students interested in coming up with new ideas in order to help advance our nation as a whole into space. This will help improve constitutes experience at ERAU as it will allow them to obtain a mindset of engineers in designing new ideas that will advance our technology. This being said, as I am in this position, I hope to advance all of our technology throughout engineering during my time here. I plan on doing this by doing my utmost to make sure that engineers get what they need in order to be successful. I will do so by listening to all feedback given to me, and do my hardest to solve issues that engineers are facing and or improve conditions to help engineers."