College of Business Senator Candidate

Yaritza Dieguez

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Yaritza Dieguez

Senior, BS Aviation Business Administration

"As a dedicated and passionate individual, I am confident that I possess the necessary qualifications for this position. With a strong background in leadership roles within Alpha Xi Delta and Business Eagles, I have developed valuable skills in communication, organization, and team management. I am committed to representing the needs and interests of fellow students and advocating for positive change within the COB. Moreover, I believe every person's voice matters and should be heard, regardless of their background or experience. Through my leadership roles, I have worked to create inclusive environments where every member feels valued and respected. Additionally, my previous college years have equipped me with a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities that students face, allowing me to effectively communicate and address their concerns. If given the opportunity to serve, I hope to work towards increasing access to resources for students and advocating for policies that enhance the academic experience for all students. I am eager to bring my skills and passion for student advocacy to this position and serve my community."

  • What makes you a qualified candidate for this position?

    "My leadership experience, involvement in the college, and personal connections make me a highly qualified candidate for this position. My leadership positions in various organizations, such as Alpha Xi Delta and Business Eagles, have provided me with valuable skills in communication, organization, and team management, which are essential qualities for any successful leader. Moreover, my active involvement in the college has given me a deep understanding of its operations, policies, and culture, allowing me to navigate the system effectively and advocate for positive changes.

    Additionally, my connections with the staff and students around campus make me well-informed about the community's issues and concerns, and I am equipped to represent their interests and needs. Lastly, my ability to balance work on campus with my involvement in various organizations demonstrates my strong time-management and multitasking skills, which will be beneficial in the COB senator position. Overall, my extensive experience, involvement, and personal connections make me a highly qualified candidate for this position, and I believe that I would excel in this role."

  • What is the purpose of the SGA Student Senate?

    "The SGA Senate serves as a platform for students to voice their opinions and concerns about issues affecting our college or university and work with the administration to find solutions to these issues. This ensures that the needs and interests of the student body are being heard and addressed and that the college or university is able to provide an environment that is conducive to learning, growth, and development.

    The goal of the SGA Senate is to enhance the academic, social, and personal experiences of all students and improve the overall quality of campus life. It is also important because it provides opportunities for students to develop leadership skills and gain valuable experience in governance and advocacy. By serving as senators or participating in student government activities, we can learn how to work collaboratively, communicate effectively, and make informed decisions. This experience can be valuable for future career opportunities, other leadership roles, and personal growth and development."

  • How do you plan to elevate and communicate issues that your constituents are concerned about to the Senate?

    "I would establish open lines of communication with my constituents, such as holding regular office hours, creating a social media presence, and attending various events and meetings around campus as well as hosting focus groups or town hall meetings to provide an opportunity for constituents to share their concerns and ideas directly with the Senate. This would allow me to listen to their concerns and feedback and understand their perspectives on various issues affecting our college.

    Additionally, I would work collaboratively with other members of the SGA Senate to propose and advocate for policies and initiatives that address the concerns of my constituents. Furthermore, I would regularly communicate with others about the progress and outcomes of the initiatives and policies that I am working on. This would involve providing updates through social media, email, and other communication channels and seeking feedback and input from my constituents to ensure that their needs and concerns are being addressed."

  • How will you improve the ERAU experience for your constituents?

    "My main goal would be to make every student comfortable with sharing concerns and issues with me and create opportunities for them to get involved and contribute to the school community. I would like to foster an inclusive environment where everyone feels welcome and valued through honesty and trust. This could involve organizing events that celebrate diversity and promote tolerance and respect.

    Furthermore, I would focus on ensuring students are aware of the resources available to them and follow up on concerns raised to take appropriate action to address them. I would encourage involvement and engagement among my peers by promoting extracurricular activities, volunteering, and community service. This can help my peers to develop new skills, make new friends, and contribute to the school community.

    Additionally I would support mental health and wellbeing among students in my college by promoting self-care and stress management, encouraging open communication and support, and working to reduce stigma surrounding mental health issues."