College of Arts & Sciences Senator Candidate

Gauri Niwargi

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Gauri Niwargi

Freshman, BS Homeland Security and Intelligence

"Hi! My name is Gauri Niwargi, and I am running to be your 2024-25 COAS Senator! I am a first-year student majoring in Homeland Security and Intelligence with double minors in Emergency Management and Forensic Accounting. I am a member of various organizations on campus, such as the First-Generation Students Association, the Martial Arts & Self-Defense Club, and the Botanical Society. Part of the reason I want to be a senator is that programs under COAS are incredibly diverse and interesting, and in my opinion, we should get the same level of attention that aviation and engineering majors receive. I believe it is a Senator's responsibility to be a medium for communication between leadership and the student body. Students should know that their voice matters and that there is someone who will hear them out and take their concerns seriously. By serving as your next COAS Senator, I can speak up for students and ensure that we get the opportunities we deserve."

  • What makes you a qualified candidate for this position?

    "I am a qualified candidate for the COAS Senator position due to my meticulous, organized, and responsible nature. My attention to small details ensures that tasks are completed thoroughly and effectively. I possess a strong dedication to ensuring that any job I begin is finished to a satisfactory standard, and I make the effort to guarantee that my responsibilities are taken care of on time. This commitment guarantees my ability to navigate the responsibilities of a COAS senator effectively. My organizational skills, combined with an eye for detail, will contribute to efficient communication and representation. As a result, I am confident in my ability to be a proactive and reliable advocate for COAS majors. Additionally, my commitment extends beyond personal qualities – I am deeply invested in inspiring positive change within my college, making me a candidate who not only possesses the necessary traits but also carries a genuine passion for improving the COAS experience."

  • What is the purpose of the SGA Student Senate?

    "The SGA Senate holds an important role at ERAU by serving as a direct link between the student body and the university administration. Its purpose is to accurately represent the interests, concerns, and ideas of the students, ensuring that students know that their opinions matter and that their voices can shape the direction of the institution. Through encouraging active communication, sponsoring events for students to participate in, and holding open forums that allow students to share their thoughts, the Senate creates an environment where students can actively participate and have a say in what goes on at their school. As I mentioned previously, the SGA Senate is a bridge between a college’s students and its administration. As a candidate for COAS senator, I view this role as an opportunity to strengthen the connection between students and the administration further. Specifically, I will advocate for the unique needs and aspirations of COAS majors, contributing to an overall enhancement of the university experience for all students."

  • How do you plan to elevate and communicate issues that your constituents are concerned about to the Senate?

    "Elevating and communicating the concerns of my constituents to the Senate requires a thoughtful approach. First, I aim to become a familiar face by encouraging students to approach me when I am seen in the COAS as well as all across campus. I want students to know that they can trust me to take them seriously and that I am very open to hearing their concerns. I can also do this by sending out emails, periodic surveys, and checking in with the students of my college. Additionally, I will hold forums with the other COAS senators and invite all COAS students. This gives those students a safe space where they can openly voice their concerns and worries without worrying about judgment. These forums also have the potential to bring together students in COAS who otherwise would not have known that they may be struggling with the same issue. Lastly, I will maintain an open line of communication with professors (especially program managers of COAS majors) as they often also have requests that might go overlooked in favor of the College of Engineering or Aviation."

  • How will you improve the ERAU experience for your constituents?

    "Enhancing the ERAU experience for COAS constituents involves addressing key areas that impact student life. First, I would advocate for better support services that cater to the needs of COAS majors. One example of this is expanding the tutoring center to provide better academic resources, such as tutoring for upper-level classes that might not be as popular. Another example of this is providing career opportunities that focus on industries besides aerospace; this could come in the form of counseling, guest speakers, lectures, and more. I would also ensure that the career expo has options for non-aerospace programs. For example, so many people don't go to the Career Expo because the majority of companies are looking for engineering students. By getting companies that look for and prioritize other majors, like math, aerospace physiology, and physics, we can ensure that COAS majors get a more inclusive platform that helps us to succeed at ERAU."