College of Arts & Sciences Senator Candidate

Caelin Sergent

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Caelin Sergent

Junior, BS Computational Mathematics

"Hi, my name is Caelin Sergent, and I am running for COAS Senator! I am currently pursuing a B.S. in Computational Mathematics and a minor in Computer Science. I am a member of Housing and Residence Life (HRL), Tri-Sigma sorority, and am on the Dean's List. I am an RA on campus which allows me to serve as a leader and communicate effectively between HRL and the students who live on campus. I am also the Treasurer for Tri-Sigma, a position that requires time management and attention to detail. I want to serve as your next COAS Senator to further establish connections between the student body and the SGA through outreach and engagement. I also want to provide relevant and meaningful resources to students regularly so that the student body is constantly aware of what is happening in our college and on campus."

  • What makes you a qualified candidate for this position?

    "What makes me a qualified candidate are my current leadership skills and my goal-oriented mindset. My role as a Resident Advisor here on campus has equipped me with skills that are relevant to the Senator position, including communication and leadership.

    As an RA, I am the main contact point between Housing and Residence Life and the students that reside in my residence hall, which is a large part of the Senator's role. I deal with conflicts, planning events, and setting aside time to meet with students individually as an RA, and these skills will benefit me as COAS Senator when dealing with conflicts within the college, planning forums, and meeting with students during office hours.

    I also have had multiple leadership roles during my time so far in Tri-Sigma Sorority, including the role of Treasurer. As Treasurer, I have gained ample experience dealing with conflicts and utilizing effective communication. In addition to what I have learned since starting my role, I had the opportunity this past January to attend a leadership summit for impactful and motivating leaders. A few of my biggest takeaways from the leadership summit included techniques for effective communication, time management, and problem-solving methods, which are skills that will allow me to succeed in the role of Senator.

    Aside from my hard skills, I am characteristically goal-oriented. I never leave a task incomplete because I aspire to always reach the goals that I set for myself and those that others set for me. This quality would suit me well while fulfilling the role of Senator because a leader should be able to accomplish what the college desires to change. As Senator, I would do my best to work towards short and long-term goals that will help the college succeed in the years to come."

  • What is the purpose of the SGA Student Senate?

    "The Student Senate is an SGA legislative body comprising students who represent each academic college and additional senators who represent other various groups on campus. The senators are those who listen to the student body and their concerns, so that information can be relayed to and addressed by the SGA and department heads. Senators essentially play the middleman between the student body and the SGA and department heads, addressing concerns and ideas with one another. Senators are additionally responsible for developing projects that would enhance student life on campus, specifically involving their specific college. As a candidate for the College of Arts and Sciences Senator, I would be a point of contact for all of the students who belong to the college. Senators also host forums allowing the senators to interact with students of their college more broadly and host engaging activities and/or games!"

  • How do you plan to elevate and communicate issues that your constituents are concerned about to the Senate?

    "When addressed with any issues regarding the college, I will do my best to create multiple solutions or options for the student body. No one solution is perfect for every individual, so having a variety of potential solutions to any question or concern is important. Drastic issues certainly cannot be decided by one individual, so it is important to address large concerns to the Senate as a whole to see how similar issues may have been handled.

    When addressing concerns about the College of Arts and Sciences to the senate, it is important to justify how the student body truly feels instead of just relaying their message. If a leader is not interested in the concern that their student body has brought to them, it is unfair to the student body that their message is not being delivered to the senate the way that they had hoped. As the representative of their respective college, senators have to defend their student body so that their issues do get recognized and action can be taken."

  • How will you improve the ERAU experience for your constituents?

    "I will improve the ERAU experience by investing my time and efforts into the change COAS students want to see. I will allow myself to be as available as possible so that the students of COAS feel comfortable addressing their concerns or questions about our college to me. Effective communication is the most important part of building or strengthening our community, and I want the student body to be able to see me as approachable and understanding when they confide in me with their concerns. It would be my role to represent the College of Arts and Sciences, and I want that to be something that the students in our college are proud of. I would do my best to create meaningful connections with as many of the students in our college as I can, in order to create a strong sense of community within the college. By representing myself as not only a senator, but a friend, I believe that more students would approach the senators for their concerns and what they are pleased with within the college."