College of Aviation Senator Candidate

Chad Willock

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Chad Willock

Sophomore, BS Aeronautical Science

"Greetings, I'm Chad Willock, a sophomore from the British Virgin Islands pursuing a BS in Aeronautical Science and currently working on my Commercial License. As a candidate for COA Senate, I am committed to being a voice for those who feel unheard and bringing about real change by ensuring that ALL COA majors are included in the decision-making process. My utmost priority is to be an empathetic listener and a problem solver who understands the needs of the student body. My track record of service and community engagement is something that I hold dear, and I intend to use my talents to address the concerns that students have voiced. I promise to foster an inclusive environment where students can freely discuss their ideas and collaborate to solve problems, which will lead to constructive change. My passion for aviation, coupled with my leadership skills, makes me an ideal candidate for the COA Senate. By voting for me, you're investing in a promising future for the COA."

  • What makes you a qualified candidate for this position?

    "As a natural leader, excellent communicator, and passionate advocate for improving the College of Aviation, I am confident in my qualifications to serve as your COA Senator. My previous experience as Vice President of the Caribbean Students' Association, current role as Public Relations Officer for the Black Students' Association, and involvement in the ERAU New Student Orientation Team have honed my interpersonal skills and shaped me into a well-rounded individual capable of implementing effective change.

    In addition to my leadership roles, I have actively given back to the community through volunteer work with organizations such as Halifax Urban Ministries and Habitat for Humanity. My unwavering passion for aviation further solidifies my commitment to making the COA an exceptional place for all students. As your COA Senator, you can trust me to deliver on my promises and effectively represent the student body. Despite my qualifications and accomplishments, I remain a humble and dedicated college student, determined to make a positive impact on the COA for my fellow peers."

  • What is the purpose of the SGA Student Senate?

    "The Student Senate is a vital component of the student government at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, as it acts as a bridge between the student body and department heads. As representatives of their respective colleges or areas, the members of the Senate strive to promote the interests of the students they serve and to address the issues and concerns that affect them. Chaired by the Vice-President, the Student Senate plays a critical role in voting on legislation and by-laws that have a significant impact on the university's community.

    Through lively debate and careful consideration, the Senate ensures that any decisions made are in the best interest of the student body. In addition to their legislative duties, Student Senators also undertake projects each semester that are designed to improve their area of responsibility. This work involves collaborating with department heads and other stakeholders to identify areas for improvement and then implementing effective solutions that benefit students."

  • How do you plan to elevate and communicate issues that your constituents are concerned about to the Senate?

    "I have already taken the initial step in the process of identifying and addressing concerns raised by constituents in the College of Aviation. This step involves effective communication and the development of a comprehensive plan to yield desirable outcomes. As a candidate for COA Senator, I had a list of initiatives in mind that could enhance the student experience, such as installing a TV screen in the Flight Ops building. This screen would display the order of pending flight students and their position in the queue, reducing the need for desk agents to shout the names of students, creating a more streamlined and efficient process.

    However, my leadership approach prioritizes the inclusion of all COA majors in decision-making processes. As a result, I have been made aware of several ongoing endeavors to improve the Aviation Maintenance, Meteorology, Unmanned Aerospace, and Air Traffic Management departments. To ensure accountability, I will keep my constituents updated on the progress and completion of tasks through social media and publications."

  • How will you improve the ERAU experience for your constituents?

    "As a passionate and determined candidate for the COA Senate, my top priority is to lead with a clear vision of improving the overall Embry-Riddle experience for all students. To achieve this, I have a comprehensive list of projects that are aimed at enhancing the college experience of my constituents. Some of these include the implementation of a TV screen in the Flight Ops building to streamline the pending queue process and to advocate for additional Aviation Maintenance Department tutors.

    I am also committed to creating more interactive and engaging meteorology courses, among other initiatives, that will foster a more collaborative learning environment. In addition to these efforts, I bring a wealth of knowledge, exceptional leadership skills, and an unwavering commitment to my constituents. My empathetic nature and high level of integrity will ensure that I am a reliable and effective COA Senator who always puts the needs of the student body first. As your representative, I will work tirelessly to elevate and improve our beloved university. I would be honored to have the opportunity to serve as your voice in the COA Senate."