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Samuel Schoenherr

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Samuel R. Schoenherr

Junior, BS Aeronautical Science

"Hello! My name is Sam Schoenherr. I'm from Jacksonville, Florida, and I'm an upcoming senior in the Aeronautical Science program. I think the best part about Embry-Riddle is the sense of community, and the chance to build connections early on within our industry. I developed my passion for aviation early on as a member of the Civil Air Patrol, a volunteer-led auxiliary of the U.S. Air Force focused on Cadet Programs, Community Service, Aerospace Education, and Emergency Services. Through this program, I got to go on my first flight in a Cessna 182 and see the world from above, and it was life-changing. Today, I'm currently finishing my Instrument Rating and am eager to start training for my Commercial Pilot's license. On campus, I'm currently an active member of the Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity. I'm very excited to work with the Student Government Association and hope to get more involved on campus, further develop my leadership skills, and give back to my Eagle Family. Thank you, and go, Eagles!"

  • What makes you a qualified candidate for this position?

    I believe I am qualified to fulfill the Senator position, as I have a strong background in leadership and service. As a member of the Civil Air Patrol, I had the opportunity to serve as a Team Commander of Hawk Mountain Ranger School. HMRS is a specialized training center and National Cadet Special Activity for CAP members- training field experts to build, teach, and lead Civil Air Patrol Ground Operations. Under this position, I was tasked with maintaining accountability for a group of 30-40 cadets; aiding in teaching students advanced map work, wilderness survival, and search and rescue fundamentals; and helping in logistical operations such as signing off on student knowledge requirements.

    As a returning student and cadet leader for three years, I was able to return to my home Squadron with the leadership experience and knowledge necessary to help build our Emergency Services programs. As a member of the AFJROTC program in high school, I served as Deputy Group Commander of Personnel, where I kept and maintained detailed records of student achievements, approved and issued awards, and served as a member of our Group Staff.

    More recently, I served as President for my New Member Class last semester within the Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity. Under this position, I served as chairman for our new member meetings, maintained accountability of our class, and served as a liaison between our class and the active members of the Fraternity. I am now an active member of both my Fraternity and Greek Life here on campus, and I hope to seek more leadership opportunities in the future. Leadership and service are two things I am very passionate about. I believe my past experiences will aid me in successfully fulfilling my duties under the Senator position.

  • What is the purpose of the SGA Student Senate?

    "The purpose of the SGA Senate and the Senators is to represent and serve the needs, interests, and concerns of the students under each respective college program. The Student Senate performs its duties by serving as a direct liaison between students and faculty administration- ensuring via legislative processes that the students have a voice and a representative for topics that directly impact them.

    The Senate also plays a key role in creating, organizing, and supporting projects that aim to improve Student Life on Campus. Aside from the duties of the Senate, it is also a great opportunity for students to get involved with leadership and the decision-making process within the university. It provides valuable experience for students to foster leadership skills, gain valuable experience, and learn effective communication and debate skills. Essentially, the Senate is both a platform to represent student interests, link faculty and students, and foster leadership development."

  • How do you plan to elevate and communicate issues that your constituents are concerned about to the Senate?

    "I plan to elevate and communicate my constituents' concerns to the Senate and build trust with the Student Body by being supportive, front-facing, and inclusive. I plan to continuously monitor a digital-based feedback dropbox to serve student interests best. This will allow me to better understand and gauge the popularity of the students' ideas, concerns, and feedback to continuously improve projects. I also plan to push digital polls through different social media platforms, which can help point us in the right direction and ensure that we're always on the right track, working on the things you WANT to see here on campus. Through legislative meetings with the Student Government Association, I can bring forth what I gain from the Student Body and ensure that you're being represented actively and thoroughly. I plan to be proactive rather than reactive, constantly reaching out to students to ensure our community is well-represented. I hope that, through doing this, I can serve you best."

  • How will you improve the ERAU experience for your constituents?

    "I plan to improve the ERAU experience for my constituents by creating, promoting, and supporting programs that: connect students on campus, such as networking events, socials, and fun activities; benefit student health, such as promoting physical and mental health awareness; strengthen student safety, and give back to the community such as philanthropy, fundraising, and community service opportunities. By continuously monitoring the feedback from students, I can shift focus to what they want to see most. What I can do for the ERAU experience is entirely up to my constituents. While I have great ideas and am very excited to begin work in these areas, I am most excited to hear from the student body, and work on what they WANT to see. The best part about Embry Riddle is our community here, and I hope to continue to help make that community an enriching, fun, and safe community for all."