College of Aviation Senator Candidate

Anthony Velez

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Anthony Velez

Junior, BS Aeronautical Science

"My career dream is to become an aviator and give back to organizations and individuals that have guided me to where I am today. Still, a lot of improvement is to be done, and a lot of years till I accomplish my dream. However, day in and day out, I continue to work hard with my peers to ensure our dreams come true. ERAU has supported me tremendously in my journey there. I want to be able to give back to the ERAU community and help students with their needs and priorities. I have participated in many aviation leadership positions throughout my college career that led to my acceptance into the United Aviate Program. I feel grateful for the support system that keeps me motivated, including my family, friends, and flight supervisors. Being a part of the Men's soccer team and Soccer leadership group has exposed me to diverse cultures. The next step is being part of the COA Senators, and we need your help. Thank you."

  • What makes you a qualified candidate for this position?

    "As a member of the executive board and president of Patriots Embracing Electronic Progress Club gave me the competence to be able to guide members during this time as President of the Club, working in logistics and planning to approach the overall goal. While establishing plans and objectives through the process, this position enhanced my skills in learning new software to be able to display the bigger picture to my peers, as well as communicating with different organizations in the same county to work for a common goal and establish a good environment to the members and non-members of the club.

    Being part of the Men's Soccer Program at Embry Riddle Aeronautical University assisted me in being able to learn, convey, and understand different cultures and their approaches to certain situations. Communicating in both the president and player positions are skills that have helped me strengthen my understanding of confidentiality between everyone, including nonmembers of the organizations. Furthermore, ERAU's culture and principles define who I am and aspire to be—motivated to be part of a culture that enhances and inspires humanity in every way and always looking for innovation. I greatly appreciate your taking the time to read and consider my application."

  • What is the purpose of the SGA Student Senate?

    "By implementing creative programs, services, and initiatives that improve student lives, Student Government serves to reflect the interests of the student population. Serve as the main advocate for ERAU students, using the shared governance framework to represent their concerns and opinions. The ERAU Student Government will lead the way in implementing change at the institution.

    The purpose of the Student Government Association (SGA) is to represent the student body, act as a liaison between the administration, faculty, and students, foster leadership development, and encourage responsibility, self-discipline, and good citizenship among students through their participation in college service projects and community service initiatives that the college supports. Students can learn leadership skills by planning and carrying out school events and community service initiatives. The student council serves as the student body's voice and organizes activities that boost school spirit and community welfare. They support the dissemination of student opinions, passions, and issues to the entire school community."

  • How do you plan to elevate and communicate issues that your constituents are concerned about to the Senate?

    "Being the College of Aviation Senator, I'm willing to help the community of future successful individuals in many ways. I'm here to help and guide the students in ways that haven't been done before. I want to be able to bring in more resources within the College of Aviation and build many relationships and networking opportunities for our students at Embry Riddle Aeronautical University to benefit from. From the largest issues and concerns to the smallest ones, I want to be able to meet on a frequent basis with students and be told what they want to improve within the College of Aviation and different approaches to fixing this issue or making their time better here at ERAU in any simple way. Speaking with professors to see their perspective and speak to them professionally and respectfully to get some advice to be able to share these ideas and experiences with students for a better chance of success and so that every single one of the students, not only in the College of Aviation but in the whole university become successful in what makes them happy. One of the main topics that I would like to cover when and if I'm your College of Aviation Senator would be to hold more meetings and services for Mental Health, as it is a very important part of our daily lives."

  • How will you improve the ERAU experience for your constituents?

    "As the College of Aviation senator, I'm ready to assist the group of accomplished people in many ways. I'm here to support the pupils and direct them in innovative ways. I hope to be able to increase the College of Aviation's resources and create a network of contacts and contacts for our students at Embry Riddle Aeronautical University. From the biggest problems to the tiniest ones, I want to be able to meet with students frequently to learn what they want to change in the College of Aviation and alternative ways to resolve this problem or improve their experience at ERAU in any straightforward way. For a better chance of success and to ensure that every single student, not only in the College of Aviation but throughout the entire university, succeeds in what makes them happy, speaking with professors to understand their perspective and speaking to them professionally and respectfully will help. Holding additional meetings and services for Mental Health would be one of the key issues I would like to address if I were elected as your College of Aviation Senator because it is a crucial aspect of our everyday life."