College of Aviation Senator Candidate

Jackson "Roy" Nadeau

Roy's photos were captured by:

Dylan Kowlessar / The Avion

Jackson "Roy" Nadeau

Junior, BS Aeronautical Science

"I’m running for COA Senator because I love a challenge, and I want to find ways to better the school. Influencing change is an extremely laborious process filled with monotonous procedures; however, securing the position of Senator will allow me to work directly with people in power to get the job done. Finding new ways to improve the school is the easy part; our student body is full of extremely intelligent students who can easily identify areas for improvement. Now all we need is someone willing to find the right people to talk to, burn the midnight oil, and create a solution. And that’s me! Growing up, my parents instilled in me a strong spirit of independence, which has manifested itself in many ways. Whether it was working all summer and buying my first car with cash when I was fifteen or honing in my flight technique in order to pass a check-ride. For me, “No” has never been an option; it’s just about finding out “how” I’m going to get it done."

  • What makes you a qualified candidate for this position?

    "I’m a well-qualified candidate for COA Senator because of my work ethic, leadership qualities, connections, and personality. First off, my work ethic is unmatched. I always find a way to get the job done, no matter what it takes. Even if it’s something I know nothing about, I’m a quick and humble learner, eager to better myself and my community. Secondly, leadership, I lead by example, taking ownership of each situation no matter how important or seemingly insignificant. As evidence of that, earlier this semester, I was awarded a scholarship of more than $20,000 from the Citation Jet Pilots Association for having demonstrated leadership in and commitment to the aviation industry. The third reason that makes me a great candidate is my connections, specifically in the College of Aviation. I have myriads of connections through students, committees, groups, professors, and faculty in unique situations. My constant and open lines of communication through these diverse connections will allow me to receive feedback from an all-inclusive population more easily. Lastly, my personality is yet another reason I’d make a great Senator. I’m faith-based, friendly, determined, direct, and honest. I consider myself to be virtuous and will keep the student body’s interests at heart, striving to be the best Senator I can be. When combining those four attributes, I know I am a well-rounded and well-qualified candidate for this position."

  • What is the purpose of the SGA Student Senate?

    "The purpose of the SGA Senate is to give the student body a say in the university and education program they’re paying for. The Senate accomplishes this by allowing students to elect Senators to represent them by college. Senators serve as spokespeople for the student body, raising concerns, issues, and ideas to the Senate and the rest of the SGA. In addition to giving students a say, the SGA Senate also works on and completes projects that are usually related to the student input they’ve received. These projects directly affect the university and how the student body interacts with it. While this is the purpose of the SGA Senate, I believe it is the rightful duty of the Senate to ensure that there is work being done, the student's voices are being heard, and positive change is occurring. The Senate serves as a connection between students and university officials. Functionally similar to the optic nerve in the human body, it carries a signal from the eyes to the brain, allowing the brain to “see” when it couldn’t see before."

  • How do you plan to elevate and communicate issues that your constituents are concerned about to the Senate?

    "To elevate and communicate issues that my constituents are concerned with, I plan to continue to work closely through the many avenues I’ve already been utilizing as well as my new position as Senator. Previously I’d worked hand in hand with current Senators and through the Innovation Committee to effectively elevate and communicate issues to the Senate. Now, having a more direct line to other senators and SGA officials will speed up the process. Another way to elevate and communicate ideas to more than just the Senate is to discuss them with other members of the student body. On a more than weekly basis, I already talk with my constituents about different things they think the school is doing well or not, so adding to that time and number of people will be easy, and I’ll welcome it! By reaching out to even more of my constituents regularly, I will be able to bring their ideas, concerns, and issues more effectively to the Senate."

  • How will you improve the ERAU experience for your constituents?

    "Improving the ERAU experience for my constituents starts with helping them to get more involved. Once you get more involved with the university, then you have something at stake: something to grow, develop, and eventually love. Improving the ERAU experience is not something that is accomplished in one year of work by any Senator or even the SGA as a whole. It’s done through legacy. I will improve the ERAU experience by teaching my constituents to love and improve Embry-Riddle themselves. Encouraging students not to just complain when they see a problem but to try to find a solution. Then, proving to them that through the Senate, we can make that solution a reality, improving the ERAU experience for all students. I will improve the ERAU experience for my constituents and the future student body by nurturing the idea that change is not just possible but plausible, leaving a legacy of love for the university that drives one to want to improve it to the point of perfection."